study101 University rankings

About the rankings

After receiving thousands of student reviews, we've been crunching the numbers and can now show the rankings of Australian Universities. Both current and past students are asked a series of questions about the course and university (more can be seen on each Universities page), including the overall rating, which is featured above.

How are the rankings calculated?

The University rankings above differ from other rankings because we're asking students to directly rate a course and University - 100% of our ratings come from current and former students. They are able to explain and rate first hand, what their experience is like at University.
In order to feature on this ranking, a University must have at least 40 reviews with study101.

Why it's important?

It's important to do your research before you choose a University and course to study. Rankings are a snapshot, but when combined with other ratings and reviews, it is useful for students to understand what their study is “really” going to involve at University. The benefit of this information is that you can gain the wisdom, insights and advice of many others before you sign up or choose.
It's also specific - The questions students answer directly reflect the ratings and rankings of a University. Through our reviews, we're asking students about the course they’re studying and the University. The ratings above provide an overview, but you're able to find out directly about what it's like to study at that University by moving to a University page.

What questions do we ask?

Students rate universities across a range of measures based on their experience. Here are some of the questions we ask in our reviews:
  • The positives/negatives of the course and Uni
  • Advice to future students
  • Job prospects
  • Course work relevancy
  • Quality of teachers
  • Is it worth the time & money
  • The friend test - Would you recommend it to a friend?
  • Educator Support
  • Educator Facilities
  • Industry Contacts
Importantly, they also provide valuable insights and feedback to some of these questions. You can read more about what the students have to say in their reviews by selecting a University and then a course.