Bachelor of Communication and Journalism degrees

Despite the industry having changed dramatically over the last decade, media still remains a key element to modern societies around the world.

A bachelor of Journalism or a Bachelor of Communication aims to develop students understanding and approach to the local and international relevance of issues. It challenges students to think quickly while considering all aspects to a problem, who it may impact and what that impact my result in.

Courses will often prepare students for the real world by including course work where they're required to draft releases and tweets, write critical articles, film and edit all while under time constraints. This can be complimented with internships and work experience to further develop students practical skills for a career in this area.

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Potential careers

Here are some of the common careers for graduates who study in this area:

Creative Industries
Corporate promotions
Education industries and organisations
Federal, state and local government
Freelance Writing

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Common majors

Some of the common majors that students can specialise in:

Business Communication
Creative Writing
Media Arts Production
Public Relations / Public Communication
Screen Studies

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If you're looking to get into Communication and Media Studies, here are some typical skills that you may need:
Analytical approach, Communication skills, Critical thinking, Time management and planning, Meeting deadlines

Top tips for future students

Here's some of the common advice we hear in our student reviews of Communication and Media Studies courses:

"Try to get experience via internships while you're studying. It's a competitive industry and this is often needed to stand out"
"Speak and build relationships with Tutors, Lecturers, industry presenters. They can often tell you about upcoming internships/opportunities. Get your name out there and make as many connections as you can."
"Plan and be prepared for a high work load. You might have to step out of your comfort zone as you'll be constantly challenged and critiqued on your work."

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