Bachelor of Arts degrees in Australia

One of the more popular choices of course that we hear about, Bachelor of Arts degrees are offered by most Universities around Australia. With large flexibility, a range of possible majors (some of the commons ones are listed below), these courses are typically 3 years and may be used as a pathway for further study.

Typically, these degrees help students to develop skills and values that can be beneficial in a range of careers as well as a more globalised environment. Arts degrees can not only instil skills such as communication, problem-solving and critical thinking, they can inspire students and develop values such as cultural awareness.

Bachelor of Arts can often be paired as a double degree, for example with a Bachelor of Business, Bachelor of Education or Bachelor of Laws, or it might lead to further study via honours or a postgraduate degree.

Potential careers

Here are some of the common careers for graduates who study in this area:

Community developer
Management consultant
Media producer
Political adviser

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Common majors

Some of the common majors that students can specialise in:

Australian Studies
Children's Literature
Film Studies
Gender Studies
International Relat...

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If you're looking to get into Arts, here are some typical skills that you may need:
Communication, Problem-solving, Critical thinking, Time management

Top tips for future students

Here's some of the common advice we hear in our student reviews of Arts courses:

"With a bachelor of arts, you definitely get out what you put in. Do it like you mean it"
"While there's plenty of choice, try to quickly figure out which area you want to specialise in. It will provide better focus."
"Seek as much guidance and assistance on majors and career pathways from the Uni. You can easily go through without receiving any"
"The job market for some areas can be small and competitive. Try to get work experience/internships/volunteering in your area while you're studying."
"Stay on top of your readings. It can be easy to fall behind and run out of time to catch up."

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