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I find Uni.. I love my overall experience, and while I have personally struggled, the benefits outweigh the stress and I am ya ing fun learning about my new career. I am positive that I can complete this and have a better future

Positives: The support provided was excellent. The facilities of the university are well promoted and easy to find, with a lot of information available on every type of service offered, easy to access, and also easy to gain information to access- such as online chat or the student hub. Some tutors have stayed after class for an extra hour or organised holiday tutorials to help people keep up to date and encourage a better mark. I have used MESH and it has improved my marks. The university is very welcoming and encourages class participation and getting to know other students. The information that I am learning is at the standard I expected .

Negatives: Sometimes classes are back to back, where I’m rushing to 3-4 classes all day and don’t have enough time to eat/have a mental break/print notes in between. I have financial difficulties sometimes which can impact my attendance(petrol)/ printing notes/ internet access/textbook access

My advice to future students is: My advice is to just try!! You have until census (3-4 weeks, no financial penalty) to decide if you can manage/if you like it/ what is expected and what the content is. The world is changing and you need to be educated and have a degree to be able to support yourself and keep up with the world. It expands your knowledge and gives you a like-minded social life. You don’t need to be the smartest person in the world, If you follow criteria, show up to lectures, listen to your teachers, and do the recommended readings and homework, and also take advantage of the extra help available (mesh, pass) you will have no problem with completing the degree.

Completing in 2020

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I'm majoring in Forensic Science

Positives: 1. Beautiful location
2. Teachers have outstanding knowledge and information about relevant subjects.
3. Good variety of subjects to choose from.

Negatives: Classes on fridays and exams on saturdays

My advice to future students is: Patience

Completing in 2020

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Positives: Variety of units as electives, at the time I could choose out of 3 different majors for the course , a lot of practical classes for hands on work , optional lectures to attend , campuses themselves were great and had facilities we needed as students

Negatives: Post graduation there's not a lot of specific jobs for graduates, you will need to do a post graduate course or short course for something more defined if you want a particular career pathway, a lot of resources to buy for the course , travelling isn't great if you don't have a car ,

My advice to future students is: Know what career path you're taking before you start this degree

Completed in 2014

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Positives: The course is very interactive and allows you to choose your own pathway after the core units are completed. Science is a very broad field so the course allows you to choose your subject based on what your interested in and allows you to hone in on particular skills and subjects that peak your interest and will help further your career.

Negatives: First year units are boring. And kind of redundant. The academics can be very arrogant but that’s all science academics.

My advice to future students is: Think very carefully about where you wanna take your degree. It’s easy to get lost in the world of science and as the BSc is so broad you can easily lose track.

Completing in 2021

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Its a good pathway to get in to full medicine courses, however a large portion of its content was not directly related to medicine and medical concepts.

My advice to future students is: There's always another way to get where you want to go if your original plan doesn't work out

Completing in 2022

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Science courses have a seriously heavy task amount of long written reports but if you're interested in them they can be really fun, you learn so much about the way the world around you works and how everything we do in our lives contributes to the impacts on the environment and housing and genetics , etc of future generations

My advice to future students is: Dont stress about getting into uni or about not liking your course - everything is easy to find a pathway to get in or change and usually doesn't take much longer than the course would have originally been. Uni isn't like school where they push you, you really have to be dedicated to go to class and study and get your work done, but it pays off in the end

Completing in 2022

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