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I took this course at the campus in Nirambe just after high school. I found a lot of benefits from taking which the first and foremost one is that it is a like bridging course to do a degree in IT so even with a low atar I can still apply for this course and eventually get a bachelors of degree. Another Positive is that it is very flexible with what days you want to go for your classes and what time but is only limited to day classes. Also students get a leave of up to a year if they want to take a break. As for the negatives, there not really anything bad about the course and the University except for the inconvenience in location and the duration of classes
For future students, I would definitely recommend this course to them as it has a lot positives than negatives.

Completing in 2020

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Positives: An overall outlook of the course and field of study is provided in clear insight and allows students to understand the various career paths available to them. Campus facilities are now better than when I first started and provide a much more aesthetic campus environment. Some tutors and lecturers will be far more understanding than others and will definitely go out of their way to help you, whereas most tutors will only provide a few insights on your approach.

Negatives: Following of my last point, Some tutors will hardly acknowledge 14 weeks of work and will fail you if they deem you unworthy of just passing. Lack of fluent English speaking tutors is also a big worry on the ICT side of my course. Campus life is active but not as much as I would expect it to be. An issue with summer school availability is a problem as when planning your units around the year summer school offers very little choices.

My advice to future students is: Research the Course through the course handbook beforehand. Possibly learn some skills to a basic extent beforehand. This can give you an upper hand when the number of workload increases and the short time period to learn actual skills is limited. Set out a plan for summer school and email tutors before semester begins to see if the unit will be offered in Summer school or the semester after to ensure you don't need to wait a year to attempt the unit again.

Completed in 2017

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