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Positives: help building lots of skills like team work,communication skills,leadership, etcetera. The course will help you to succeed in future 100% sure

Negatives: poor student support, lot or pre tutorial work, which is stressing.

My advic...

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Positives: Heaps of support, great content

Negatives: Not enough time on campus. Expected to do too much self guided learning

My advice to future students is: Be prepared

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Positives: Plenty of clinical experience outside of the campus setting. Strong focus on professionalism and preparation for the workforce

Negatives: Heavy course load and speed at which content is covered

My advice to future students is: Mak...

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The course provides hands-on experience from the first year and equips you with the skills needed to work as a nurse. You get the opportunity to work in a hospital alongside doctors and other, qualified nurses and have the opportunity to interact...

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Positives: Reasonable workload, smooth transition to workplace

Negatives: Variations in course studies when compared to other universities

My advice to future students is: Follow the workload distribution and seek resources from other univer...

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Positives: Good way to know more about how to look after people well

Negatives: Too much of placements

My advice to future students is: Prepare for placements

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Positives: Students learn the actual application of the learnings inside the classroom by answering a case study. Student will be able to identify the physiological And physical manifestations at what is scientifically discussed in the books


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Positives: Sydney City campus offer trimesters allowing for fast track completion of the course. Smaller classes allow for tutors to focus on each individual more.

Negatives: Trimesters although allow for fast track completion, have shorter bre...

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Positives: Practical based assessments.

Negatives: Units that I don't think are necessary or applied in the career path

My advice to future students is: Do a degree or course you enjoy. Expose yourself to experiences in the career you are cu...

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Positives: I found this course great for building on knowledge as I only had experience in aged care. From year 1 the course started very basic and each semester built onto of the knowledge therefore i didn't feel as though i was way out of my lea...

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