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Positives: Opportunities for self learning and flexibility

Negatives: Time commitments and outdated tutorial styles

My advice to future students is: Choose your course wisely, based off what you enjoy

I wish I knew how hard it can be to ...

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Positives: My degrees offer a lot of variety in terms of the subjects I can choose to do. The business degree offers a selection of various majors from economics to international business, sports management and property, some of which are unavaila...

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Positives: The vast array of different materials covered and the how-to in dealing with each topic.

Negatives: Extensive reading that does not prove to be essential when working in the field.

My advice to future students is: Ensure you have ...

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Positives: Teachers are very knowledgeable and well versed of the subject they are teaching and the class duration is just enough to cover all important topics

Negatives: Nothing

My advice to future students is: Allot ample time to study by ...

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Positives: The positive aspects are the learning and study options

Negatives: Study time

My advice to future students is: Focus from the very start of uni

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I majored in Marketing.

Positives: - interactive and engaging group work with others (friendships made)
- friendly and informative lecturers and tutors
- online lectures

Negatives: - not the best facilities
- expensive text books

My ...

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I majored in Finance and Economics.

Positives: You are able to gain real business knowledge and work on business projects. So in essence its more of real life work rather than lots of theory you will never use. The business units in the third y...

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Positives: It's a very quick course (3 years compared to other degrees). Ideal for people who want to enter the workforce asap and not spend a great time studying. Also the degree has a lot of real life applications (e.g. how to start / run your o...

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Positives: I like that I am exposed to the business mentality through the lens of older tutors and teachers. This is like standing on their shoulders. I like that business is so broad and this allows me to think a lot about the course which is enj...

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Positives: the tutors are really good, the classes are small so there is good interaction, there is good diversity within the groups

Negatives: the lectures are online now

My advice to future students is: make sure you get used to watching a...

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