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Western Sydney University (or WSU & formerly known as University of Western Sydney) has campuses across the Western suburbs of Sydney, including Parramatta, Campbelltown, Bankstown, Blacktown, Hawkesbury, and Penrith.

Study101 has a range of Western Sydney University reviews across topics like Building & Construction, Arts, Humanities (Social Science, Criminology), Law, Business & Commerce, Education, Engineering, Health (like Nursing), IT and Science.

Here are some of the advice from the student reviews:
Be organised, start assessments early and prepared to work hard;
Choose a course that you're passionate about;
Apply for internships;
Form study groups.

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Positive was that we touched on many aspects of social science
Negative was that there was no experience component

My advice to future students - Do not become a zombie halfway in, whatever it is, learn it and be conscious the whole time.

Completed in 2017

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The course takes a theoretical approach but doesn't provide practical experiences.

My advice to future students - Study something that has a practical component to it.

Completed in 2015

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The course needs to show some practical components to make it more relatable to the real world. You can easily get to the end of the course feeling that you don't have much to show.

My advice to future students is: Consider volunteering/working in your preferred area while studying in order to be able to find a job

Completed in 2016

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I did a major in Criminology and criminal justice.

Positive: enlightened learning experience
Negative: some tutors are not suitable to be teaching the course

My advice to future students is: Enjoy your course dont overthink and stress yourself out

Completed in 2017

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Positives: broadens thinking of the way we see ourselves, the people around us and how we live. Doorway for more conversations about tough topics.

Negative: I can’t think of any negatives. The only negative experiences I have had at uni would be the behaviour of students in the classroom.

My advice to future students is: Make sure you are ready to work. Uni is not school, you need to be accountable, time manage, set yourself goals. If your not 110% committed, wait until you are. My first semester loads of students dropped out.

Completing in 2020

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The positive was that my teachers and tutors were often very engaging and interested in the topics being discussed in class.

The negative is that our social science course had no practical component. I feel it is essential for social science students to actually experience what it means to be socially engaged.

My advice to future students is: Dont fall into a state of complacency at university and take things for granted. Study your units vigorously and learn, participate in class, make friends and have stimulating discussions. Make the most of uni.

Completed in 2017

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Positives: Topics are broad
Choice of major

Negatives: Nil

My advice to future students is: Study topics you enjoy

Completed in 2013

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I'm doing this online.

Positives: It's very in-depth so far, I'm learning a lot about the background to social science and it's making me want to learn more

Negatives: It is harder doing it online, though there is plenty of help available

My advice to future students is: Make our you set aside plenty if time each week to complete the required work

Completing in 2022

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I'm doing this online.

Positives: Although we are online, we still have the chance to communicate with other members of the course. We also run monthly collaborate sessions where we all sit and chat about our upcoming assessments, whilst getting to know each other. I do not have to physically go somewhere to sit my exam, I am able to do it online through a system called ProctorU, where someone supervises my screen and me while i sit it.

Online learning platform is amazing. Very easy to navigate and everything is easily found on the one page.

Negatives: You are completely responsible for your own learning, therefore it is really easy to fall behind if you get distracted. Sometimes it is also hard to get in contact with the teachers in a timely manner, depending on the teacher.

My advice to future students is: Make sure that your working life fits in with what you're studying. Make sure you select the right amount of units per teaching period. Also note that it doesn't work as semesters, it works as trimesters so you will be working a lot later than normal students. You will have so much fun though! :D

There are resources available to us for helping with stress and time management - such as online calendars, inspirational quotes, reminders, colorful calendars. As far as health/wellbeing, there is a page of tips for us, but that is about it.

Completing in 2021

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Positives: This course is strengthening what I personally know and am well at. The statistics and facts are allowing me to apply what I am good at to the world but with more confidence and certainty

Negatives: I love philosophy, but learning about it when I have to ruins the fun. There is a lot of research that needs to be done in this course because there the course allows you to apply your own opinion, however, these opinions need to be backed up by research

My advice to future students is: I wish I had researched further into what this course involves and searched up forums and spoke to past students. I really like the course, but i was not prepared for how overwhelming this course could be

Completing in 2020

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