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Western Sydney University (or WSU & formerly known as University of Western Sydney) has campuses across the Western suburbs of Sydney, including Parramatta, Campbelltown, Bankstown, Blacktown, Hawkesbury, and Penrith.

Study101 has a range of Western Sydney University reviews across topics like Building & Construction, Arts, Humanities (Social Science, Criminology), Law, Business & Commerce, Education, Engineering, Health (like Nursing), IT and Science.

Here are some of the advice from the student reviews:
Be organised, start assessments early and prepared to work hard;
Choose a course that you're passionate about;
Apply for internships;
Form study groups.

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I really enjoyed the learning environment. Although there was always a degree of competition, my experience was very positive as I found that peers and academics from the university were very supportive and willing to help each other out. I also really loved the teaching spaces and the campuses (been to almost all WSU campuses - they are so beautiful compared to the other universities). What I would've have liked to see more of is more elective choices for Law and that electives run even if there is only 20 students enrolled. Would have also liked to have more opportunities to complete PLT during the course e.g. Clinical Legal Placement - only went for 5 days.

My advice to future students is: Enjoy the ride. Make sure you have or develop a strong support network, be aware of the support offered at uni (e.g. academic, health etc.) and take up opportunities as they arise (e.g. employment opportunities at WSU - I've met some of the coolest, inspiring down to earth people by working under the University).

Completed in 2017

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Positives: The vast array of different materials covered and the how-to in dealing with each topic.

Negatives: Extensive reading that does not prove to be essential when working in the field.

My advice to future students is: Ensure you have a stable and consistent study schedule with your class mates.

Completing in 2023

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Positives: My degrees offer a lot of variety in terms of the subjects I can choose to do. The business degree offers a selection of various majors from economics to international business, sports management and property, some of which are unavailable at other universities. Additionally, my law degree offers a huge selection of alternate LLB units from bioethics, medical and mental health law, advocacy, media and even space law. As well as this, I also have the choice of completing one unit/subject from any other faculty to further diversify my knowledge and skills. Given this abundance of choice, I am happy to study at Western Sydney University and am looking forward to enjoying learning something new and interesting each semester.
Furthermore, the thing that most stands out to me in a positive manner is that there are no lectures to be attended for any of my degrees. Any vital information is provided through videos and posted on Blackboard and any additional information can be sought from videos, textbooks and other resources provided. This is different to other unis who require enrolment in lectures, regardless of whether they are attended. This arrangement highly suits me as I do not personally learn as much from lectures as I do from engaging first-hand in learning i.e. through reading, completing online quizzes, discussing questions etc. Furthermore no lectures also frees up my time to dedicate to other work or study commitments I may be struggling with.

Negatives: The negative aspect of my course is that I am not able to undertake more than 4 units at once per semester. Due to enrolling in a wrong unit and having to drop it last semester, I was looking forward to making up the lost time by enrolling in 5 units for the next semester and despite requesting a rule waiver, I was unable to do so. My extra unit was a relatively easy one and as someone who was currently not working, I was very keen on completing the unit especially since I need to complete my degree as soon as possible to get a job and be able to support my family financially. Also, almost none of the units for my course are not offered during the summer sessions. Western Sydney University does not offer a trimester system, which I would have preferred, but do offer some subjects that can be completed over the summer break however none of my law or business units have been available in the (almost) 2 years I’ve been studying there. It is important for me to have the option to complete my studies sooner (as I’ve mentioned above), especially as I also had to defer my first semester of uni due to poor health.

My advice to future students is: I would advise future potential students to NOT have a locked or finalised plan in place when they start this course or any course at any university because expectations are always challenged both positively and negatively and you may end up liking something else and disliking what you’ve initially chosen. I would also advise potential students to find out as much as possible about all of the choices and opportunities available to you in terms of subjects, majors studying resources etc. even if they don’t initially seem very interesting. Lastly, I would advise them not to stress about having a different experience or something that doesn’t conform to the “recommended structure” outlined by the uni or by other students; the whole point of uni is being able to have a personalised, flexible and individual experience based on what suits you!

Completing in 2021

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