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Positives: The positive aspects of this course are that it is very relevant to the industry and the classes are all set out so that you learn everything in stages as opposed to jumping ahead to something you’re not quite ready to learn. When you are sitting in class, you honestly feel like you are learning exactly what you need to, and that you’re ready to jump into the Construction field.

Negatives: The negative aspect of my course (and it’s a big negative) is the ‘first year module’ that Vic Uni has implemented, and unfortunately this structure is going to be implemented across the whole four years. Instead of doing 4 units at a time era semester, you study one unit at a time in a short burst of 4 weeks. This means that every assessment is a group based assessment, and this makes way for the lazy people to sit back and let the hard workers (such as myself) do all the work!

My advice to future students is: I would say to thoroughly look into all of the different options at all of the colleges. Also, you girls should not be shy to enter a predominantly male field!

Completed in 2018

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