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Coursework was entertaining, class times fit in well with my schedule and allowing me to work, University’s facilities were perfect for both learning and other activities.

My advice to future students is: Don’t let your assignments build up on ...

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I did a major in Supply Chain and Logistics Management.

The positives was the whole experience. I was a mature age student, so being able to go back to Uni and achieve the level of grades I received was amazing...

I did enjoy the PD units t...

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The course is very practical and interesting. I found there were too many assignments.

My advice to future students is: Be sincere and study hard

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Positive - Parts of it were relatively easy, plenty of different subject and areas to choose.
Negative- not enough practical work

My advice to future students is: study well.. pay attention to the details required to complete course work.

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I'm doing Information Systems Management major.

The course is informative - although perhaps it'd be better doing a more 'technical' focussed course (eg CS) with some business elements might be more beneficial for trying to find a job.

It's ...

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I'm doing an accounting major

It's a cheap course, the uni resources are fine, but the uni is located in a remote area.

It's good to do a course like this to get into accounting although more study is often required (depending on your role).

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I'm doing the Management and Innovation major.

The course content and teachers are extremely helpful and relevant to working in a business environment, as I work at pitcher partners the accounting firm, I find all the content can be applied to ...

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I studied a management major -

Fees are not too expensive and course is good for the amount paid.

Would like better infrastructure and services

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I studied with a Management major.

I'd totally avoid this course.

Don't go to VU. The only "good" thing there is the teachers and the friends you make. Else, everything is bad.

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Positive: meeting like minded people, placement, access to database and resources and materials that are still valuable
Negative: subjects that i felt weren't as relevant, course co-ordinator was a bully, limited parking, group assessments, 4 ye...

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