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I find Uni.. positive

Positives: friendly coursemates

Negatives: overlapping content

My advice to future students is: have an open mind

Completing in 2022

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I find Uni.. average

Positives: there’s ILP year during our 4th year to help us publish our work

Negatives: the SG tutor is not knowledgeable or qualified another for the course so alot of self directed learning. plus there are riots held by teachers which disrupts lessons

My advice to future students is: staffs are not paid well here so teaching quality may be very low

Completing in 2023

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Positives: The course is well structured for the first 2 years. The faculty also provides student support. The course also has a research year which helps students to participate in research outside of hospital settings

Negatives: The third year was poorly structured with not much guidance. The marking of assignments are not standardised with very subjective marking (some examiners are stricter than the others). Some examiners give very minimal feedback which affects our learning. Results are released very late

My advice to future students is: Be prepared for self-directed learning from 3rd year onwards

Completing in 2020

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Positive - MPH/MHM has an excellent reputation, I would argue the best in Australia. The lecturers are world class and the course content is very comprehensive and of very high quality, challenging (in a good way) and engaging. The technology that UNSW has implemented makes it very easy to study externally and flexibly e.g. Moodle, library access, Blackboard collaborate for webinars and recorded lectures.

Negatives - None to note. There is a lot of coursework although this is to be expected from a good postgraduate program. While there is a wide variety of courses that can be studied as part of this dual masters, it is heavily screwed to medicine, as opposed to allied health.

Advice - Be prepared to allocate extensive time and energy to the course and don't expect an easy workload

Completed in 2019

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The things I enjoyed the most about this course was the flexibility to pick a stream and subjects that I enjoyed. There are core subjects such as Foundations, Social Determinants of Health etc. Depending on your interests, some are more interesting that others. The electives can be hit and miss depending on the teachers e.g. I hated and dropped out of Program Design & Evaluation, but loved some of the Infectious Diseases and Outbreak Investigation subjects. There is also flexibility in how you study - I did a mixture of face-to-face and online learning. This course makes it easy to study while working full-time.

My advice to future students is: Have a plan about what subjects you want to do from the beginning of the course.

Completed in 2015

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Positives: - good clinical exposure
- helpful tutors, willing to go the extra mile and take the time to ensure we know what we need to know
- adequate assessments (not too much- the course is hard enough as is, but enough to know how good we are doing)

Negatives: - different timetables / holidays to peers in other degrees- makes it hard to spend time with them
- constantly changing timetable from week to week makes it extremely hard to have a part time job
- sometimes can get a bit too dry and theory based

My advice to future students is: - keep on top of work
- take whatever clinical exposure you can, and spend lots of time there- exposure is the best way to learn
- make friends
- ask questions always

Completing in 2021

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Well rounded course; challenging and intellectually stimulating; clinically relevant with early clinical exposure; research year

Course feedback slow to implement. Content can be dry and academic

My advice to future students is: Meet like minded and highly talented peers

Completing in 2021

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No negatives to mention, only positives which is the whole course, in particular the Professional lectures.

My advice to future students is: Just do it

Completed in 2016

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Positives: very interesting
Negatives : only university in the state that offers the course, very disorganised, very stressful, lots of course work, very expensive

My advice to future students is: Make sure you only do this course if YOU are sure you want to use it when you graduate , consider studying at a different University

Completed in 2018

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The course administrations are quite disorganised and put a lot of stress on students. But the overall content is challenging and interesting. There are also lots of job opportunities

My advice to future students is: Be prepared for a lot of work. You also need to buy equipment so need to save money. But you make life long friendships and you are making a difference so remember to enjoy it

Completed in 2018

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