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Positives: it has a great balance between creative/analytical skills

Negatives: how strict the structure is, and that fact that most of my units are core rather than electives i choose

My advice to future students is: do your research!

Completing in 2022

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Positive: I get a double degree and half of the degree is 'art making' so is mostly practical and the other half for education is 'written', then you overlap with most people doing the degree so I’ve had great opportunity to make great friendships,

Negatives: the art half and education half are on different campuses so you have to travel between the two if you have classes on the same day, you nominate which art majors you want to do after first year and don’t get a taster of all the different departments before you have to chose

My advice to future students is: Think carefully about which art majors you decide, go and ask for help from the student centre if you have any questions because they can be really helpful

Completed in 2018

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It is very broad and I think this is both positive and negative.

At the beginning of my degree I loved that it encompassed a lot of various topics and opened me up to a lot of New things I had not tried before.

However, further into my course, when I had more of idea what I wanted out of the course, I felt that I could not direct my study as I wanted and had to learn things that did not relate to what I really wanted to do after my time at university.

My advice to future students is: Really read what your course will encompass, every year and unit, before you choose your course.

Completed in 2017

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