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I find Uni.. It’s good

Positives: Workshops and consultation is really helpful

Negatives: Too many different kinds of course in 1.5 years

My advice to future students is: Try to do more internship before you graduate

Completed in 2018

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I find Uni.. My overall experience has been a positive one. The knowledge I've gained in the past few years has been more than I had expected. You will often meet some amazing people during your journey. In the end, many people are studying this unique course because of their own personal experiences.

Positives: Work placement is implemented into the course so we do a a years worth of placement. There are work integrated learning assistants and placement coordinators that help you through the process and help allocate you to what you would like to do in the future. As a student doing a double degree, I've learned both counselling skills and research skills which has broadened my job prospects. The academics are very knowledgable in their field and are extremely qualified to teach. There are often guest speakers who tell you about their field of expertise, as well as previous students who are now working full time. Assessments are marked strictly but only for the benefit of the students education. The cohort are mostly supportive and positive and provide great insight on topics in a different light.

Negatives: Group work is sometimes frustrating, as some students are not willing to put in enough effort until the last minute, or never. I've had very little personal experience of negative group work (maybe because I am lucky) but in many classes i've witnessed group issues.

My advice to future students is: If you are doing your timetable, check the location of the classes. Sometimes if classes are back to back, you may be able to get away with it if they are located close to each other. Walking from upper campus to lower campus will take you 10-15minutes. Studying social work and criminology means there is no black and white answer. Always go in with an open mind and open to other people's opinions. These may ultimately help you learn and grow as you progress through uni. At the same time, always think critically of the information you are provided. Your critical thinking ability will be one of the most important skills in the field.

Completing in 2020

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I find Uni.. It was a fantastic time that I wouldn’t trade.

Positives: The community feeling on campus and that you were given the opportunity to mix with similar minded people in different societies.

Negatives: It’s very hard to get to.

My advice to future students is: It doesn’t matter nowadays on what course you do, skills are transferable in industries but it’s great to get technical skills for technical roles.

Completed in 2018

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Positives: there were great course availability options, more practical exposure to the legal field with classes held at legal firms to provide an out of class experience. aLSO, assessments were research papers with well timed submissions so there was not crazy pressure

Negatives: No moot courts, lot of individual study, no group work, not very international student firendly

My advice to future students is: Masters of Law is a good course if you are good at individual research and study. The coursework is good , professors are great and the library has a huge availability of study resources

Completed in 2017

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Positives: As I was an Asian Studies student with Chinese background, it is interesting and insightful to have an opportunity sitting in courses studying Asian cultures/histories/politics etc in a “Westerner’s” point of view (most of the learning materials are written by Europeans/Americans/Australians), it gave me a brand new perspective on how a culture/history could be understood which really enlightened me a lot

Negatives: Anyone who is thinking of taking this course should expect extremely high volume of readings, researches and essays

My advice to future students is: It's good to have some networking (try joining communities/students group with members from diverse background) it is always the best way to learn and understand a language/culture if you can have a friend from that background

Completed in 2017

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Positives: expanded on my knowledge of history and allowed me to develop certain skills.

Negatives: I felt like it took quite a long time to pay off and didn't generally really help me career wise

My advice to future students is: Really research if this course could be used to advance your future career or cater your subjects to a particular field. I studied mainly history and sociology and whilst I found it interesting as I did not want to be an academic it didn't really feel like it was aimed in a particular direction.

Completed in 2008

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Positives: it has a great balance between creative/analytical skills

Negatives: how strict the structure is, and that fact that most of my units are core rather than electives i choose

My advice to future students is: do your research!

Completing in 2022

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Positives: The university course allowed for a lot of flexibility with my studies. Due to the wide range of subjects on offer I was able to adapt my course to my schedule and work around it. I was also allowed a lot of flexibility in what kind of classes I could choose and found that I learnt a lot about the world in such a short period of time.

Negatives: There was not much career aspects to my degree. I studied history and international relations and as such was not able to convert that into a functional career. Although there was a lot of enjoyment for me in my course, so I dont particularly regret it.

My advice to future students is: Definitely make sure you choose convertible subjects that can grow into a prospective job. Choose majors that match and are relevant to certain careers. Use the flexibility of subjects in the first year where you have a lot of time to choose electives.

Completed in 2013

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Positives: Course enables you to develop media theory knowledge to deal with important broadcast issues such as defamation and contempt of court. Fairly good presentation of media history within Australia with a taste of political and societal issues.

Negatives: The course lacked practicality skills and time on computers developing photoshop or audio editing skills is limited, particularly in third year.

My advice to future students is: Be prepared to spend plenty of time studying and remembering theory and law based concepts. Do not plagiarise!

Completed in 2014

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Positives: Course is detailed in areas of theory and legal practice. This course allows you to develop a sound knowledge of the media landscape and potential issues when it comes to publication and defamation. The course also provides opportunities to develop skills in introductory marketing and public relations matters.

Negatives: The course can be quite-heavily loaded with theory based learning, therefore practical real world experience is somewhat limited compared to similar courses in other institutions across Sydney. Students would benefit from more hands-on experience with technology and tools useful in the journalism field. Room to improve building relationships between student cohort and potential employers.

My advice to future students is: Come into the course with an open mind and be ready to learn plenty of theory around the history and future of the industry. Ensure you work hard to make connections and friends in the media industry while you study, do not leave it too late. Apply yourself and learn about technology as it will help your theory based learning.

Completed in 2013

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