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Positives: Broad range of majors and subject choices

Negatives: Lack of support beyond first year

My advice to future students is: Find friends to support you

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Positives: expanded on my knowledge of history and allowed me to develop certain skills.

Negatives: I felt like it took quite a long time to pay off and didn't generally really help me career wise

My advice to future students is: Really rese...

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Positives: Freedom, not many contact hours, flexibility

Negatives: Tutors aren’t always of a high quality

My advice to future students is: Study hard in the first year or so when subjects are easy and high marks are easy to achieve

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Positives: It’s so interactive, classes are small and personal. Everyone is so passionate and that really helps with learning

Negatives: Sometimes it’s a bit unorganised

My advice to future students is: Stay on top of your work. You don’t ha...

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Positives: - good clinical exposure
- helpful tutors, willing to go the extra mile and take the time to ensure we know what we need to know
- adequate assessments (not too much- the course is hard enough as is, but enough to know how good we are...

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Positives: it has a great balance between creative/analytical skills

Negatives: how strict the structure is, and that fact that most of my units are core rather than electives i choose

My advice to future students is: do your research!

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I have been studying the bachelor of civil engineering in UNSW, and it was a good experience. I have learnt a lot knowledge that is useful in my current job.

My advice to future students is: Should be good at Math and physics.

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The course is similar to what I have learnt in China Bachelor Degree. But some postgraduate is challenging for me like the ""Law"" part. Anyway, if you learn it carefully, it is not that difficult.

My advice to future students is: Its not so di...

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I majored in Telecommunications.

This course provides useful knowledge in future work. There are a lot of lab for student to help them understanding their knowledge better. The teachers are really helpful that anytime I asked questions, I alway...

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Huge value derived from the network of fellow students. This really adds value to the course content and provides diverse perspectives across multiple industries.

My advice to future students is: Take this course on whilst working in industry. ...

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