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Positives: Flexible time table

Negatives: Course load requires extensive put of uni hors

My advice to future students is: Study hard from year 1

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Positives: Getting a global perspective and cross-cultural experience

Negatives: Less focusing on practical thinking

My advice to future students is: Try to be independent thinker based on the experience gotten from the program

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Positives: The lecturer was great! The course structure was really good (exams and case work was nicely spread out). The grading was very fair and hard work was rewarded by the lecturer

Negatives: Time management was a bit challenging especiall...

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I major in Chemical Engineering.

Positives: Interesting topics

Negatives: Not enough practical real world teaching and learnings

My advice to future students is: Do as many industrial placements/gain as much experience as possible

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Positives: Deeper understanding of microeconomics

Negatives: Lack of detailed explanation and personalised study methods, it felt a bit dry

My advice to future students is: Study

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Positives: It is a very well taught course that delves into many details

Negatives: the social life on campus

My advice to future students is: to research things themselves!

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Positive - MPH/MHM has an excellent reputation, I would argue the best in Australia. The lecturers are world class and the course content is very comprehensive and of very high quality, challenging (in a good way) and engaging. The technology that...

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Positives: Highly interesting course for anyone who has interest in corporate mergers and acquisitions. The course is heavy on the discounted cash flow methodology - so if you struggle with this it probably isn't the course for you.

Negatives: ...

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Positives: Networking ability
Guest speakers from industry
Interactive learning

Negatives: N/A

My advice to future students is: Focus on studies
Gain experience
Join social clubs

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The things I enjoyed the most about this course was the flexibility to pick a stream and subjects that I enjoyed. There are core subjects such as Foundations, Social Determinants of Health etc. Depending on your interests, some are more interestin...

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