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UNSW Sydney ratings

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A little bit more about UNSW

The main campus of UNSW (University of New South Wales) is in the Sydney suburb of Kensington. They have another campus for Arts and Design in Paddington, Sydney and the Australian Graduate School of Management (AGSM) which is a postgraduate management and business school that is part of the UNSW Business School.

We have a range of UNSW reviews from students across topics such as Science, Health (including Medicine), Business & Commerce, Arts, Engineering, IT and Sciences.

Here's some advice and tips based on the UNSW students reviews we've received:
Make sure you research the degree and major you definitely want to do;
The library has a huge availability of study resources;
Speak to and ask Q's of the lecturers - they may have the ability to put you in touch with the industry;
Join Communities and student groups are a great way to network and make friends;
Study in groups can help;
Try to get a placement and gain experience while you study;
Make use of Uni resources like Moodle, library access & Blackboard;
Study hard in the first year or so when subjects are easy and high marks are easy to achieve;
Don't fall behind in your studies, it's hard to make up.

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Well diversified course.

The course introduces financial modelling and forecasting projections, which are important for this field of career.

I couldn't recommend this course enough!!

Completed in 2017

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Overall it is a good course, with a combination of accounting and finance perspectives. It mainly suits people who have accounting or finance background, and would like to pursue further depth into it. The course content is at advanced level, but if you had a good understanding in accounting and finance before, it is not hard as you thought. But some of my classmates do find it hard if they forgot what they learned in Bachelor study.

However, the course is not as sufficient as Master of Finance, so I guess it was like a transition between accounting and finance.

I studied this Master of Financial Analysis straight after Bachelor of Accounting, which I feel was a waste of time, since it does not help a graduate for an entry level job. I should have gone to a better uni for a Bachelor degree, and focused on communication, social relationship and internship, and working experience.

My advice to future students is: Step out of your comfort zone.

For this course, you need to study, and really understand the logic. Otherwise, you could get trapped in the exam.

Completed in 2014

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