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A little bit more about UNSW

The main campus of UNSW (University of New South Wales) is in the Sydney suburb of Kensington. They have another campus for Arts and Design in Paddington, Sydney and the Australian Graduate School of Management (AGSM) which is a postgraduate management and business school that is part of the UNSW Business School.

We have a range of UNSW reviews from students across topics such as Science, Health (including Medicine), Business & Commerce, Arts, Engineering, IT and Sciences.

Here's some advice and tips based on the UNSW students reviews we've received:
Make sure you research the degree and major you definitely want to do;
The library has a huge availability of study resources;
Speak to and ask Q's of the lecturers - they may have the ability to put you in touch with the industry;
Join Communities and student groups are a great way to network and make friends;
Study in groups can help;
Try to get a placement and gain experience while you study;
Make use of Uni resources like Moodle, library access & Blackboard;
Study hard in the first year or so when subjects are easy and high marks are easy to achieve;
Don't fall behind in your studies, it's hard to make up.

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The course is tailor made to your choices. The student has the right to choose the subjects taken in the course. The master of architecture also has four different streams, so one can choose a variety to learn from. It also allows the student to choose electives from sister courses in the built environment.

The course could be more practical with more hands on experimentative means of design.

My advice to future students is: Dont fear experimenting in design. You need to have a strong convincing power towards your tutors.

Completed in 2018

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Positives: The course is a well-rounded masters to accompany the undergraduate degree in architecture. UNSW have made efforts to include specialisations within the degree to allow you to maximise the two year course. These specialisations include Housing, Social Agency, Urban Planning and High Performance. The teaching staff are knowledgeable and most tutors work within the field, which allows for networking during your studies.

Negatives: The course works in isolation despite being taught in a building that holds at least four other built environment specialisations. Therefore you do feel disconnected from current issues in planning and urban design which are integral to the design process. I do believe some moves are being made to create multi-faculty degrees though. The faculty itself needs to be updated including more printers and computers for students and a bigger, friendlier student space for people to hang out or study.

My advice to future students is: Pick your electives outside of the architecture options available. Take advantage of the great options available in the town planning, urban design and landscape degrees.

Completed in 2019

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Positives: - great faculty members. Tutors and lecturers are very knowledgeable. Most are working in the field which helps immensely.
- broad range of subjects to choose from including interdisciplinary subjects - ie subjects from other built environment degrees.
- nice uni and well maintained campus which is underdoing a fair amount of renovation.

Negatives: - our faculty is in need of renovation but there are no solid plans to do that yet.
- the university is moving into trimesters which may result in the same amount of work smushed into fewer weeks.
- architecture itself is a very stressful course and there aren’t many facilities available to students to just relax and hang out in our faculty.

My advice to future students is: I would examine how trimesters are going to run compared to semesters and take that into consideration when picking a university.

Completed in 2018

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Positives: Decent subjects, nice range of staff members from various backgrounds, pretty good facilities available.

Negatives: They don’t cater to anyone who isn’t available to study full time which means if you are working in the field you basically have to put uni on hold. There aren’t any classes available outside 9-5 and the uni is unsympathetic and won’t try to adjust this. There is a definite dependency on international students which can be difficult for domestic students. The course structure can also be restricting depending on what sort of field you want to specialise in - ie we have almost no subjects regarding heritage architecture.

My advice to future students is: Examine how the uni is willing to accomodate students that are also working. Sydney University seems far better organised when it comes to realising students sometimes want to work while studying.

Completed in 2018

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Positives: The theoretical information and the way to apply these in the real word

Negatives: The load of work. There are lots to do models, 3d modelling, presentation

My advice to future students is: Be prepared to work hard to achieve your goals and succeed in this course

Completed in 2018

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I found Uni.. The student experience was good but the education experience was not worth it. The university doesn't hire tutors that want to teach but for their status so teaching quality can be inadequate.

Positives: The university provides the basic facilities. I did Bachelors in the same Uni so I knew the system. The students were generally nice and helpful. The course prepared me a bit with an architectural exam that I have to take later for licence.

Negatives: Firstly, the tutors were uncaring, seem to be only doing it for the sake of it. Feedback I get are ambiguous and only tell what you did wrong after submissions and never tell you much on how it could have been better. Secondly, there was a period of time where around half of the lab computers were not working. Lastly, there is no common/break out space for architecture students, who arguably spend the most all-nighters in he university.

My advice to future students is: For Masters, the architectural programs won't be taught anymore so learn them before hand. Get close with the tutors as they are more likely to help you. Working in Uni labs is best when you have no motivation cause there are other students working as well. The program is very stressful so find time and ways to destress.

Completed in 2017

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