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UNSW Sydney ratings

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A little bit more about UNSW

The main campus of UNSW (University of New South Wales) is in the Sydney suburb of Kensington. They have another campus for Arts and Design in Paddington, Sydney and the Australian Graduate School of Management (AGSM) which is a postgraduate management and business school that is part of the UNSW Business School.

We have a range of UNSW reviews from students across topics such as Science, Health (including Medicine), Business & Commerce, Arts, Engineering, IT and Sciences.

Here's some advice and tips based on the UNSW students reviews we've received:
Make sure you research the degree and major you definitely want to do;
The library has a huge availability of study resources;
Speak to and ask Q's of the lecturers - they may have the ability to put you in touch with the industry;
Join Communities and student groups are a great way to network and make friends;
Study in groups can help;
Try to get a placement and gain experience while you study;
Make use of Uni resources like Moodle, library access & Blackboard;
Study hard in the first year or so when subjects are easy and high marks are easy to achieve;
Don't fall behind in your studies, it's hard to make up.

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Commerce aspect is great, there's 4 compulsory courses and this helps you choose your major and what you want to do.

Some negatives is that it can be quite demanding at some times especially during assessments.

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Lectures are engaging, fun and I've learned a lot in my time in uni so far however Textbooks are expensive

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I'm doing an Accounting major.

Positive: very good lecturers. The course includes intensive group work with real world case study. It's very practical and does not overwhelm students with overloaded information

Negative: too much group work ...

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Accounting and Finance course is Australia’s top in terms of its content and fluency. Did a summer course at Usyd and they were doing content I’ve revised in my first year’s which they were doing in the second years

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Positive - it’s a very broad degree that covers a lot of major areas within commerce and the academic staff are very knowledgeable and experienced.

Negative - the facilities of the Business School are quite bad and there are a lot of people st...

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Positive: every now and again I had some great courses and lecturers. UNSW also has a great network/alumni community that you can tap into for jobs.

Negatives: Most subjects are absolute rubbish that no professional uses at all. Some finances c...

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Positives: The support that is provided in the course is great and the other students are friendly and if you enjoy all things business and economics, then this course would be amazing

Negatives: The uni is tiring to get to. The course can get ...

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Positives: Teachers, cohort, reputation

Negatives: Location/travel

My advice to future students is: Go for it!

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Positives: Great connections to business and jobs

Negatives: Didnt learn much applicable info

My advice to future students is: Experience is the best teacher

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Positives: Freedom, not many contact hours, flexibility

Negatives: Tutors aren’t always of a high quality

My advice to future students is: Study hard in the first year or so when subjects are easy and high marks are easy to achieve

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