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University of Technology Sydney - UTS ratings

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A bit more about UTS (University of Technology Sydney)

UTS, also known as the University of Technology Sydney is based in the inner city Sydney suburb of Ultimo.

UTS is ranked #24 out of our Universities based on student ratings across a range of topics including Architecture, Engineering, Business, Arts, Law, IT, Health (including Nursing), Science and Education.

Based on the UTS reviews from students, here's some tips and advice for those looking at studying there:
Get involved with extracurricular activities - societies, clubs, groups and activities that can help you apply what you're studying and will help you make friends;
Create or join a study group with others in your course - it helps with notes and assessments;
Make use of the Unis resources and services;
Don't be afraid to ask for help from instructors and educators and take on any feedback they give you;
Try to get internships while studying to gain valuable experience.

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Positives: I enjoy learning about a foreign country and the different culture and language aspects of another country (France).
A bachelor of laws helps develop your analytical and research skills. One of the most positive aspects about a bachelor of laws included the analysis of cases as it can provide a very interesting and unique learning experience.

Negatives: Law can be a difficult and comprehensive degree with a lot of reading and difficult assessment tasks.
Learning another language can be difficult but rewarding

My advice to future students is: To ask for help from instructors and educators available to them when needed in order to reduce stress. As well as completing assignments as early as possible.

Completing in 2020

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Positives: My course gives students the opportunity to work in the legal field, particularly international law, as well as develop analysis and research skills which can be useful and applicable to many job opportunity’s in general.

Negatives: The assessments can become overwhelming and there is a lot of reading involved so unless you enjoy the material explored in the particular class your undertaking and can be a lot of work.

My course also involves one year of study abroad in a foreign country, the country which uses the language you have learnt. This could be a very enticing and positive Experience for some and a negative for others depending on each individual.

My advice to future students is: To creat study groups with other students in the same course so as to lighten the load with assessments, note taking and case summaries.

Additionally, students should also take advantage of the educators available to them as well as other university resources.
When learning another language, watching shows and movies are extremely helpful.

Completing in 2020

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Positives: Some very interesting and engaging subjects

Negatives: Some complex and disengaging subjects that are hard to follow

My advice to future students is: Involve yourself as much as possible in extracurricular activities (eg mooting)

Completing in 2020

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