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Positives: There are a range of majors and sub major subjects to choose from. Uni tutors and lecturers had a diverse range of industry experience, which meant I was able to relate the theory back to the real word.

What I also liked about the course was that the subject content and subjects offered were relevant to keep up with the pace of the corporate environment.

Negatives: When I first started there was no structure to the course, which meant I was able to bypass core subjects and immediately study my major in my first year, given I completed a prerequisite subject.

Some of the core subjects for the course I studied such as finance, accounting and management had too many students in the tutorial class. This meant it was hard to build a relationship and ask the tutor questions.

Some lectures were hard to follow given the content and lecturer needed to make the subject more interesting and relevant to the real world. A few lecturers lacked passion

My advice to future students is: I would say make sure you do your research and read up about the subjects on offer and course outlines before you sign up. A positive is that you can try a course and if you don't like it you can withdraw before the census date, similar to trying before you buy.

Do not follow what subjects or courses your friends are doing and make sure you follow your passions. I enjoyed my time at UTS and there is potential for you to, as well!

Completed in 2017

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