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Positives: Great lecturers

Negatives: My law units clash with my ICT units, resulting in having to watch lectures at a later time

My advice to future students is: Calendar for assignments

Completing in 2023

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Positives: This course includes research, real life projects and lots of group work apart from the selection of the units of your interest. You have choice of selecting Networking site to Software Development to Project Management.

Negatives: There is lots of theoretical assignments which require good literature writing knowledge. It is not good for the one just expecting to do the practical work i.e. programming, coding, etc. Also passing exams are very difficult, Moreover you are required to attend lectures plus tutorials and workshops.

My advice to future students is: My advice would be to take admission in this uni. only if you are very serious about learning rather than just getting degree.

Completing in 2019

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Positives: Wonderful course and program

Negatives: None

My advice to future students is: Good uni and recommend it.

Completed in 2018

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