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Positives: Wonderful course and program

Negatives: None

My advice to future students is: Good uni and recommend it.

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Positives: Recognition of university as one of the better ranked university across Australia

Negatives: High level of support ranging from accommodation help, study help for struggling students, as well as bigger communities

My advice to fut...

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Positives: The course was a fantastic introduction to university learning. The lecturers were incredibly engaging and the hands on approach of teaching was well received

Negatives: The course operated on Maria Island and as such is only offered...

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Positives: - Practical Experience and Work Integrated Learning Sessions
- Enthusiastic Lecturers and Tutors
- Developing close friendships with other uni students

Negatives: - Some units are not interesting
- Some lecturers and tutors are bo...

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Positives: The majority of teaching staff were easy to communicate with and always interested to hear how you were progressing as well as being open to suggestions and any issues you might have. The course work was applicable and practical to real...

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Positives: It was highly relevant to my desire to establish a small business as a genealogist and completing the course gave me credibility in this field. The course is completed totally online which allowed me to do all the work from my base in ...

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Positives: Lecturers really push us to our potential, very efficient in providing content for our units. Furthermore students are very involved in class thus no one gets left behind in their work, everybody is very up to date with the material, an...

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Positives: It is an incredible career path allowing you to help others with fish sizes / investigation in fish species

Negatives: There is a lot to learn that’s off topic, but all worth it

My advice to future students is: Be prepared for a l...

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Positives: It allows me to connect with people of similar interest, open up opportunity in areas i May have never had access to without this course

Negatives: The cost of completing this course

My advice to future students is: To ensure they...

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Positives: Online course, flexible

Negatives: Online course, lack of socialisation

My advice to future students is: Self motivation is key

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