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The University of Tasmania (UTas) has 3 main campuses around Tasmania. including Sandy Bay (Hobart), Newnham (Launceston) and the Cradle Coast.

We have a range of University of Tasmania reviews from students across the two main campuses as well as from different topics like Health, Arts, Education, Commerce, IT and Science.

Based on the UTas reviews, here's some of the advice and tips that we hear from students:
Keep on top of your workload because it can be intense, time management is very important;
Be prepared to work hard and independently;
Make use of the University services to help your study and your health;
Take on as many opportunities as you can - it's great to make friends;

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Positives: The positive aspects of the course were the units that offered an opportunity to problem solve and apply knowledge that you had gained over the duration of your studies. The lecturers are competent and have varied experience in numerous fields, some have worked in the United Nations where others have been practicing lawyers for prestigious firms and have been credited with producing graduates who now work internationally and domestically in impressive roles. The facilities available are excellent and the support staff are fantastic, students are given an opportunity to take on roles to mentor other students at no cost.

Negatives: The course structure is very rigid and there is very little wriggle room for taking classes that actually interest you. Some of the lecturers aren't the best and their teaching methods are questionable at best, and as a result there is heavy reliance on external resources (i.e textbooks, additional readings etc.). The law faculty can be very unforgiving.

My advice to future students is: There is an emphasis on mental health in the law faculty. There are statements in the majority of unit outlines regarding maintenance of mental health and the services available, and I would urge this to be taken into account when considering anything in the law faculty because it can be utterly soul crushing if you're not careful.

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