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The University of Tasmania (UTas) has 3 main campuses around Tasmania. including Sandy Bay (Hobart), Newnham (Launceston) and the Cradle Coast.

We have a range of University of Tasmania reviews from students across the two main campuses as well as from different topics like Health, Arts, Education, Commerce, IT and Science.

Based on the UTas reviews, here's some of the advice and tips that we hear from students:
Keep on top of your workload because it can be intense, time management is very important;
Be prepared to work hard and independently;
Make use of the University services to help your study and your health;
Take on as many opportunities as you can - it's great to make friends;

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Positives: The BA provided a number of interesting electives, and had the flexibility to allow me to complete a double major by using said electives. The inclusion of breadth units (compulsory) also expanded my knowledge.

Negatives: A lot of classes were only offered via distance due to not being the larger of the campuses. It could take a while to order textbooks into the bookshop, and lecturers were often difficult to contact.

My advice to future students is: Look around and do your research. If the course at your “home” university offers most of their classes via distance after the first year, shop around and find the University with the best selection of classes and best resourcing for online studies.

Completed in 2017

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Positives: Communicating with teaching staff is almost always great. They're always willing to provide extra support when needed

Negatives: Assessment structure isn't great. There's too much emphasis placed on long, time consuming research papers that take time away from learning class content

My advice to future students is: If you're hoping to maintain full-time student status (for the purposes of maintaining centrelink) you can do this with only a 75% workload (3 units per semester).

Completing in 2019

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