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Positives: The course I’m studying is creative music, which is composition specifically theatre and film based. What I’ve experienced so far they want us to have a proper understanding in music. So they provide all the tools so we have successful careers in the future. Another aspect I like about the con is how small it is and how many connections you can make.

Negatives: It’s extremely competitive, highly stressful and demanding.

My advice to future students is: Practice your music theory, prepare to change how you view study, most importantly understand that this is now on your shoulders no ones is going to remind you or motivate you about anything.

Completing in 2021

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Positives: Great staff & lecturers great location & engaging program

Negatives: Pace could be a little faster

My advice to future students is: Lose yourself in your passion for art safely in a friendly environment

Completed in 2019

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It is a music course that is extremely fun and benificial to my development as a musician!

My advice to future students is: always practice

Completing in 2021

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Positive: provided extremely sufficient and solid training for being a professional musician in Sydney, nationally and internationally; not just performance training but also business skills, theory and aural training, arranging and pedagogy. Excellent facilities. Great performance opportunities and mostly fantastic & highly qualified staff.

Negative: Poor administration from Sydney University admin staff, some academic staff hired for their proficiency in the field and not for their teaching skills (this issue however has been improving steadily over the past few years). Insufficient provision of performance anxiety education in an extremely competitive environment.

My advice to future students is: The Sydney Conservatorium of Music is the most competitive music school in Australia. If you don't get in after your first audition, TRY AGAIN. It doesn't mean you weren't good enough, it may mean you weren't right for the position that year. Practice hard and try again.

Hang out with your peers, make friends and play music with them regularly, because they will become your business contacts.

Completed in 2017

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