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Positives: Vocational study, no worries about future careers. Lots of practical work and responsibility given

Negatives: The first year had a very heavy work load and little practical work and not all material was relevant

My advice to future students is: Keep on top of your work - lectures take so much time to go over if you leave them to the last minute it will legitimately affect your grades

Completing in 2021

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Positives: Some interesting subjects and content and overall generally good teaching

Negatives: Group assignments are a joke and the institution makes certain aspects of enrolment etc unclear and difficult

My advice to future students is: Be organised from the beginning of your course re: majors and subjects- plan out every semester

Completing in 2020

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Positives: The prestigious nature of the degree meant it was easy to wow employers. Great peers who helped each other learn and grow

Negatives: Did not work well with the competing nature of the two degrees. Often spent way too much time on the architecture aspect which took aay from the engineering aspect

My advice to future students is: Focus one one degree more than the other rather than trying to do well in both as you will suffer by being average in both

Completed in 2016

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Positives: Intensive classes are great since you only need to attend class 4 days per unit, allowing you to have more free time to focus on work or assignments.
The teachers I’ve had are great in what they do and have provided a good experience.
The library and resources the university has are extremely helpful

Negatives: I had problems this semester when choosing my units of study. Since I’m doing business law I’m must select specific units. However, i was unable to choose all the units I was interested in because they were clashing with each other even though they were offered to the students doing business law

My advice to future students is: I would recommend this course and I would also advise future students to do it part time because the workload is sometimes overwhelming but fair

Completed in 2018

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I majored in Nutrition.

Positives: This course was based in science and had practical components in the final year which were rewarding and prepared us for the workforce.

Negatives: 1. Disorganised
2. Too many graduates and insufficient graduate positions
3. First 3 years had no practical aspects to them, luckily I enjoyed the practical placements in final year otherwise I would have wasted 3-4 years of my life!
4. Preparation mainly for hospital positions and little else. Virtually no preparation for working in paediatrics which is where I ended up working.

My advice to future students is: Only do this course if you are truly passionate about clinical nutrition and prepared to have a very competitive time applying for jobs at the end. A lot of my classmates still had no jobs 6-12 months after finishing

Completed in 2010

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Positives: The Master of Sustainability program at the University of Sydney is an interdisciplinary program. Unlike other programs of the same name or orientation which is dominantly science-based, the Sustainability program in USyd consists of different disciplines and looks into Sustainability holistically. This makes this program more welcoming to students or professionals of other disciplines. Lastly, the students from this program come from diverse backgrounds, no single nationality dominates the class. We are all well represented, from Asia, the Americas, Europe, Australia and Oceania, Middle East and Africa. One can learn from the experiences and context of other continents.

Negatives: There is no flexibility in terms of choosing electives. We have 6 core subjects and only 2 elective courses. There are so many good electives to take, however, we are limited in choosing those electives because we have a lot of core courses.

My advice to future students is: If you are interested in studying the broad discipline of Sustainability and not just the environmental aspect of it, take this course. You will learn that sustainability is not just about the environment, but rather a dynamic relationship between economic, political, social, cultural and environmental perspectives. You will get to meet Sustainability experts from different disciplines and you will get the chance to study with passionate individuals hoping to change the world.

Completed in 2019

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Positives: There are many positives aspects
The people there at Sydney really care for you and try to help in anyway possible

The students are open minded and very kind to people and accept people

And it’s very diverse

Negatives: Not everyone cares so much sometimes people don’t do the work and make the other groups do it;(

My advice to future students is: Find 5 people that would all do the work and help each other to get that pass !

Completed in 2017

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Positives: Good course selection with flexibility

Negatives: Minimal interaction with other students

My advice to future students is: Get organized very early in the academic year

Completed in 2008

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Positives: Music tuition on instrument provided ensemble playing provided

Negatives: Subjective marking of performance by some staff.

My advice to future students is: Be confident and don’t take things personally

Completed in 2008

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Positives: Though I never went on exchange, I liked the fact that exchange was included in the degree. I liked the wide variety of majors available and the fact that you could do multiple. Courses were usually interesting.

Negatives: The required language courses (at least mine, French) didn't focus enough on conversation. I don't feel as though I could talk in French with any confidence. I also wasn't prepared for the fact that there were so few assignments in some courses so our whole marks depended on a couple or a few assignments.

My advice to future students is: Talk to students at your uni and in your course. Find out what assessments are like. Study your language on your own (though that's a piece of advice I don't follow myself!). Make sure you utilise help if you need it earlier on in the semester, not when you're starting to freak out.

Completed in 2017

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