Bachelor of Liberal Arts and Sciences

University of Sydney

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Course Description

With its flexibility and huge choice of majors, the Bachelor of Liberal Arts and Science provides you with a background in both the humanities and the sciences, and gives you useful skills that will make you highly valued by potential employers in jobs across the market. From writing and presenting to thinking ethically and critically, the BLAS degree is your preparation for life beyond the classroom.

With its flexibility and huge choice of majors, this is a course designed for the student who is fascinated by the world and wants to learn as much about it as they can. With a BLAS degree, you can indulge your interests in both the arts and sciences without restricting yourself to just one specialist area of study.

Over the three-year degree, you choose either an arts or a science major. With over 40 arts majors and 30 science majors, that adds up to almost 80 choices, from Philosophy to Physics to Political Economy. You will then complement your major by choosing subjects from the other area, ensuring you leave with the well-rounded knowledge base that defines graduates of liberal arts degrees.

But the BLAS degree is about much more than what facts and figures you learn. It's about getting skills that can be used in life beyond the classroom. A special Liberal Studies stream has been built in to the BLAS degree to boost your communication and analytical skills, which potential employers have told us time and time again are the skills that they look for in recruits.

Agricultural Economics
American Studies
Anatomy and Histology
Ancient History
Applied Medical Science
Arabic Language and...

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Depending on your major, some fields you might find yourself working in include: academia, administration, education, business, information technology,...

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Additional Information

The course includes opportunities to participate in the University's Study Abroad and Exchange Program, the Science Link-Up and Mentoring (SLAM) Pr...

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