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Positives: The tutors provided for the courses, are well experienced in the field.
Some of the tutors are officials of the south Australian home ec institute and teach at the University as well as TAFE and high schools.
Textiles tutors are costume trained by high school teaching and professional styling jobs on television.
You get all the help you need when you ask the right questions. Learning about the different aspects of teaching and how to prepare for your classroom and write your own units & curriculum

It’s practical based, so your skills are practised and challenged often.

Negatives: The negative aspects is that because it’s is practical based, it doesn’t mean there isn’t any theory. The assessment are heavily folio based, with your physical project to go along with it.

So it does get very tiring with study.

My advice to future students is: You’re on your own. You can ask for as much help as you want, but becoming a teacher is on your own reflection and characteristics that come out of the course.

Always reflect on your own ideas for your classroom and be unique.

Completing in 2020

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Positives: There is at least one opportunity per year (in a 4-year course) to undertake placements. This allows for ample opportunities to understand the field of education, and what it entails. Most of the subjects are practical, particularly in terms of Health and Physical education, science education, design and technology, and so on. There is an opportunity for students to be introduced to research in education (for those who want to conduct research in this field).

Negatives: In some aspects of learning, it goes against the values that we are being taught (e.g: we are being told that as future educators we need to be inclusive of individual students’ learning styles/abilities, however the university sets all learning to be the same for everyone, and it is standardised.

My advice to future students is: It is SO important to be diligent. Organisation is the key to success in any course, but I have found it best to focus on myself. I have friends in the course who can sometimes slow me down because I want to help them out.. this is using time that I could be spending on getting ahead in my own studies.
Ask your tutors lots of questions, and ask for their assistance when you may need it. And ALWAYS take their advice.

Completing in 2020

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Positives: Positive:
1. Location: The campus of our program is situated in Mawson Lakes. If you do not have a car, it will not be any inconvenience whatsoever to study here as you can either choose to rent a place nearly the campus (a very modern neighborhood with all sorts of shops, banks, and gyms) or in the city (only 15mins riding on train).
2. Curriculum settlement: teachers are generally nice, patient, and well prepared to their lectures and workshops. Because I am an international student, I was a bit concerned about my English skills, but my teachers have been giving me consistent help and holistic feedback on my essays and providing me with a lot of encouragements and acknowledgements on my journey of learning. We are not only provided with essay proofreading assistance, but also an very experienced teacher who has been assigned to our international students for the purpose of companying us to get through this demanding program.

Negatives: Negative:
1. Placement: the placements are not well organized ahead of time. Several students, including me have to put off their placements in secondary schools because our uni fail to allocate every student to a legitimate placement in time, which could be really overwhelming for the student.
2. Curriculum content: some curricula are practical but other are theoretical.

My advice to future students is: Overall: Recommend this course. Tuition fees are definitely more affordable for international students as opposed to some other universities. Studying this course in Unisa is a cost-effective choice.

Completed in 2019

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Positives: The course provides pre-service teachers will relevant information needed to pursue a career in teaching. They don't sugar coat anything and tell students exactly how it is. The course offers many support facilities for students who are struggling, including PASS (peer assistant strategies). The tutors are well-experienced in the education department, most have been or currently are teachers in a primary or middle school setting, so they have a current perception of education in a contemporary classroom.

Negatives: There are none. The course is fair and caters to all ability students.

My advice to future students is: Try your absolute hardest, stay determined, and keep persisting.

Completing in 2020

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I thought the course was delivered well and the lecturers and tutes were engaging - although it was a bit more theoretical than I was hoping.

My advice to future students is: Get support if you need it. Gain as many contacts as you can through placements, volunteering etc - this is a good way to stand out when you're looking for a job.

Completed in 2016

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There was a lot of theory based work which didn’t give us a lot of practical work/experience!

My advice to future students is: study hard! Focus on the theory work, it may be a lot but it will benefit you when you are in a classroom teaching

Completed in 2016

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It didn't prepare me for the job as much as it should have. Positives include getting to be a teacher at the end and the perfect amount of prac.

More education subjects needed in summer school.

My advice to future students is: Don't stress

Completed in 2013

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