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A little bit about the University of South Australia

The University of South Australia (or UniSA) has several campuses around Adelaide, including City East, City West, Magill, Mawson Lakes and Whyalla.

There are a range of UniSA student reviews on different topics including Engineering, Health, Science, Commerce, IT and Teaching.

Based on the University of South Australia reviews from students, some of the advice and tips we get include:
Make sure you visit and use the LearnOnline site - a great tool for students;
Ask as many questions as you can and ask for help whenever you need it;
There are some great tutors who can really help you succeed;
Expect study to get tougher as you progress into later years;
If you haven't decided on a major, research and try to understand which area it is you want to study in;
Look up the summer units early, it can help to shorten your study time;
Keep on top of course work.

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Positives: Very interactive. Not just reading, theory, and doing assignments. Also incorporates hands on and practical work

Negatives: Can’t think of any at this given time

My advice to future students is: Just make sure to do all the readings, watch the lectures and you’ll be absolutely okay

Completing in 2020

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Positives: Learning can be applied to real life situations.
Also most subjects link in with eachother

Negatives: The expectations of us as students

My advice to future students is: Be organised

Completing in 2021

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Positives: One of the positive aspects of this course is the fact that I learnt a lot of theoretical psychological information which I was able to apply to my own life. The lecturers were often very passionate about their subjects which was quite infectious. Outside of this, I was able to meet a lot of like-minded friends who have remained in my life.

Negatives: I found this course to be significantly theory-heavy. With so much amazing information being given out, you have nowhere to apply it other than your textbooks and assignments. In addition, I found a real lack of ‘real life’ examples. There was just a lot of reference to honours - that’s where you got to apply what you learnt. But what if we didn’t want to study honours?? Anyway, the pincher for me was statistics. Yes statistics is a part of the course but the way it is incorporated into the undergraduate degree is plain mean and again there was little real life reference as to how to apply it and why it was so important.

My advice to future students is: Know that this course is learning the words, the reasons why theories exist, the terminology and the research methodologies. The course will not inspire you to pursue psychology as a career nor will it fill you with the confidence in your own capability to go it into the world and pursue this career. What it will do is tell you that you must study honours and masters prior to getting to the juicy stuff. So, if you are reaaalllyy keen and know you can fluff your way through three years of mostly borning, non applicable red tape prior to the exciting stuff, then stay committed and you will do fine! Some of the content is really interesting and if you’re remotely passionate about it, then you will do fine. If you’re bad at maths, I’d strongly encourage you to find a tutor for the statistics subjects and stick with it all the way through. Stats is a very hard subject!

Completed in 2012

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