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A little bit about the University of South Australia

The University of South Australia (or UniSA) has several campuses around Adelaide, including City East, City West, Magill, Mawson Lakes and Whyalla.

There are a range of UniSA student reviews on different topics including Engineering, Health, Science, Commerce, IT and Teaching.

Based on the University of South Australia reviews from students, some of the advice and tips we get include:
Make sure you visit and use the LearnOnline site - a great tool for students;
Ask as many questions as you can and ask for help whenever you need it;
There are some great tutors who can really help you succeed;
Expect study to get tougher as you progress into later years;
If you haven't decided on a major, research and try to understand which area it is you want to study in;
Look up the summer units early, it can help to shorten your study time;
Keep on top of course work.

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Positives: The tutors provided for the courses, are well experienced in the field.
Some of the tutors are officials of the south Australian home ec institute and teach at the University as well as TAFE and high schools.
Textiles tutors are costume trained by high school teaching and professional styling jobs on television.
You get all the help you need when you ask the right questions. Learning about the different aspects of teaching and how to prepare for your classroom and write your own units & curriculum

It’s practical based, so your skills are practised and challenged often.

Negatives: The negative aspects is that because it’s is practical based, it doesn’t mean there isn’t any theory. The assessment are heavily folio based, with your physical project to go along with it.

So it does get very tiring with study.

My advice to future students is: You’re on your own. You can ask for as much help as you want, but becoming a teacher is on your own reflection and characteristics that come out of the course.

Always reflect on your own ideas for your classroom and be unique.

Completing in 2020

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