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Positives: Full funding provided by the university for living expenses as we as tuition fee
Given opportunity to tutor bachelors and masters students
Very good lab facilities and highly knowledged faculties

Negatives: Negative aspects are

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Positives: Covers broad aspects and knowledge

Negatives: Not really useful for real work-life

My advice to future students is: If your job doesn't require a university degree, don't do it.

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Positives: Interesting material if you are into tourism, lots of courses available, friendly lecturers that are willing to help, multiple opportunities for hands on experiences

Negatives: Lots of theory work, each course has content that feels ...

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Positives: Its a useful and competitive course that promotes interaction between each student and community

Negatives: It is a bit too competitive

My advice to future students is: Be friendly and hard working

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Positives: close cohort so get lots of support

Negatives: its 4 years

My advice to future students is: go to lectures

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Positives: It challenges you and forces you to work hard for your grade

Negatives: It’s very full on and difficult to keep on top of all the work

My advice to future students is: Apply yourself and stay on top of all your study. Constantly r...

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I'm studying the Human Services Bachelor (no longer offered).

Positives: Small faculty so you get to know your course coordinators very well, lots of placement hours for real hands on experience, extremely experienced lecturers who bring their ...

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Positives: Hands on experience

Negatives: Extremely content heavy and measures memory rather than intelligence

My advice to future students is: All courses are hard and have many negative aspects and are generally unenjoyable so it is best t...

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Positives: The teaching quality is very high and there are lots of opportunities for industry events.

Negatives: There isn't that much support for students if they are struggling academically.

My advice to future students is: Make sure it's ...

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Positives: Lots of hands on experience in the work field as well as creating content. Interesting perspectives on all areas. Meeting new people with similar interests.

One of the best parts is reading current news sources and having the knowle...

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