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Positives: Hands on learning, with thorough help from supervisors throughout practicals and lectures

Negatives: Large study load in later years

My advice to future students is: Think about what you want to leave with, and where your degree will take you

Completing in 2020

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Positives: Variety of subjects you do in conjunction with the ohs subjects

Negatives: A rarity of other people doing it makin it hard to do overseas exchange

My advice to future students is: Make sure you enjoy science

Completing in 2021

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Positive: the course covers an array of science subjects prior to commencing the education component. The course plan is such that the first 2 years are science intensive and the last 2 are education intensive. This means that you get a great understanding of the human body and human movement. It also means if you are only using the course as a stepping stone and are considering changing into a different health stream, such as physic or OT, some health courses will already have been completed. These include anatomy, biomechanics, biology, physiology, exercise physiology, and nutrition. Another positive thing is that should you decide to pursue the education components, the cohort is quite minimal (50-60) and therefore you all do the same classes week in week out, which is great for creating friends and a group atmosphere.

The tutors in the education and human movement sector are very devoted to the students success and will go the extra mile to help anyone having difficulty. From making assignment extensions, to just sitting and having a chat if they feel like you are struggling. Tutors in the science disciplines are great too, however as they are multidisciplinary classes, the ‘cohort atmosphere’ isn’t felt yet as the classes can sometimes have 600+ students.

Another major positive is that to gain honours in this course, it does not require an extra year of study. They simply look at your GPA from a range of 3rd and 4th year classes and use those to determine if you have reached an honours level. We are told which classes these are, so it makes it easy to put a bit of extra effort in and prioritize these to get the best result possible.

Cons: it could be seen as a negative that the first practical for this course occurs in 3rd year. I have friends in a similar degree at other institutions and they have had a practical, or multiple, by 2nd year. However, this would mean that their cohort do not follow each class together and it would change the atmosphere UQ has fostered by keeping the education until the last few years. This is great if you know for sure that teaching is what you want to do, not so great if you’re a little unsure.

My advice to future students is: I would say that if you are either a) looking to use the course as a stepping stone into a more intensive science/human movement based degree, or b) are absolutely sure Hpe teaching is your thing, then this course is great.

If you are a little unsure and would require some practical experience to solidify your decision, then the set up of this degree at UQ probably wouldn’t benefit you. Also, any students that don’t have a strong science background may struggle a little in the first 2 years, with courses such as Anatomy or Biology being really tricky with little basic understanding.

If you’re keen to put in the effort and make some great friends by the end of your degree, and also be guided by some of the coolest, most qualified people in their disciplines, then definitely give UQ a shot.

Completing in 2020

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Positive: the course is structured very well. Staffs are generally nice

My advice to future students is: The course is very intensive so be prepared

Completing in 2020

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It’s a very interesting course, but unfortunately too many graduates and not many jobs

My advice to future students is: Choose another degree

Completed in 2018

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Being a pharmacist, this course has equipped me with clinical knowledge, I am able to use the latest research to help my patients achieve a better health outcome . I cannot think of a negative aspect at the moment

My advice to future students - It is a course worthy of your time and effort.

Completed in 2017

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Positive - experienced tutor and good support

Negative - some contents are repetitive

I'd recommend this course to a friend

Completed in 2016

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