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Positives: Some of the positive aspects include being able to choose from a variety of Majors such as Marine Science, Sustainability, Earth Science, Biodiversity and Ecosystems. It allows you to choose what is of interest you and specialise in it, whilst still gaining a lot of broad information on Environmental Science in general. The biggest highlight for me was the staff, in particular the lab staff and my marine science professor. Another plus was the opportunity to go to Vanuatu to do practical coral reef regeneration work.

Negatives: I think that there is nowhere near enough practical experience gained during this course. We did learn a lot of different skills but weren’t given the opportunity to use them often and therefore become confident and better at using the equipment. Also one of the subjects was Applied Environmental Science which was a complete waste of time full of useless presentations and group work. The group work was with 40% of the grade.

My advice to future students is: To research what subjects really interest them, not just take classes that fit into their schedule nicely. Also to take every opportunity to gain practical experience, it truly is so helpful. I’d suggest joining a Landcare group, it teaches you so much about regeneration and plant identification which will make your classes so much easier.

Completed in 2017

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Positives: Interesting and hands one. Lecturers were mostly amazing

Negatives: Some lecturers were not great.

My advice to future students is: Find people in your course that you can work with and help each other out. Everyone learns differently don't feel bad if you don't get a concept straight away.

Completed in 2016

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