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University of Newcastle - UON ratings

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The University of Newcastle is based in Callaghan, Newcastle which is north of Sydney in New South Wales. They also have campuses in Ourimbah, Singapore and Sydney.

We have student reviews of Newcastle Uni across a wide range of topics including Commerce, Engineering, Arts & Law, Education, Health, IT & Science. Bachelor degrees in Engineering, Medicine and Nursing are well rated courses offered by the University.

Here are some of the common bits of feedback from students in our University of Newcastle reviews:
Time management is key (particularly Engineering, Nursing and Medicine);
Immerse yourself in Uni / course - attend all your tutorials/labs, etc - it's the best way to learn and impacts your results;
Try to chat to teachers and ask questions or get feedback;
Organise placements early and make the most of them;
Read the course book and understand exactly what you're getting into;
Get involved in Uni life, activities, clubs, societies - it's a great way to make friends and in some cases practical exposure.

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3000lvl courses are interesting but they could be more in-depth. The university should inform the students that they may be eligible for extra accreditation if they complete specified courses.

My advice to future students is: Read the handbook carefully

Completed in 2018

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Positives: Offered a fairly broad range of content

Negatives: It was not as in-depth as I would've hoped.

My advice to future students is: Read the handbook carefully. Especially anything regarding professional accreditation

Completed in 2017

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I'm majoring in Economics.

Positives: Good student facilities, lecturers reply very quickly and good student buildings to study in

Negatives: Lecturers english often isnt great and sometimes don't seem interested in the material

My advice to future students is: Live on campus, its the best time of your life

Completed in 2018

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