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Positives: clear explanation

Negatives: not that practical

My advice to future students is: for research the uni is pretty good but for practicality, other uni is better

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Have chance to choose whatever subjects you want and keep options open. Subjects are difficult and need to work at very high standard to achieve good score.

My advice to future students is: Have an idea of what you want to do

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Positives: Very helpful people and helpful facilities. Structure of course is also suitable for anyone interested

Negatives: None

My advice to future students is: Be motivated, and actually like what youre studying

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Positives: Very competitive peers and high expectation from university pushes students to work harder

Negatives: A lot of detail is expected to be known and answers to practice sheets are not always provided...lack of useful feedback sometimes

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Positives: 1. The lecturers were great and were always supportive. They were knowledgeable and even if you needed some extra time to see them to ask questions, they were willing to help out
2. There is a great balance of theory and practice so th...

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I completed commerce and a systems double degree.

Positives: Students are given the autonomy and freedom to decide their course of major and there are adequate breadth subjects for students to pursue other minor interests as well.


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I majored in Environmental Science.

Positives: A lot of practical experience involved in this course so it isn't just completely theory

Negatives: There is a large number of international students due to the popularity of property developmen...

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Positives: A variety of subjects within the health science field is provided. Perfect for those not knowing exactly which career pathway to choose

Negatives: First year bio subjects have 8am lectures 3 Days a week

My advice to future student...

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Positives: Fancy facilities, great supervisor

Negatives: Courswork and research at the same tine

My advice to future students is: Choose your supervisor wisely

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Positives: The content is interesting and there is a broad range of subjects to choose from (especially breadths).

Negatives: The organisation of some subjects isn't great, but you get used to it.

My advice to future students is: To enroll i...

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