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Positives: There's no better options in Australia

Negatives: Few job prospects and the lecturers and tutors are mostly hit-or-miss

My advice to future students is: Go to the US or UK for commerce

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Positives: Applies to the real world and is useful for building realistic skills and knowledge for future business

Negatives: Maths 😕 - can be dry

My advice to future students is: Do the weekly materials so you don’t fall behind

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Positives: Information provided, learning about things relevant to life (Finance), learn about things that are happening in real world (eco)

Negatives: Sometimes difficult to understand complex ideas, complex ideas require lots of work to fully...

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Positives: We were able to learn with same like minded people and be taught by one of the best lecturer

Negatives: Need more practical aspect and learning

My advice to future students is: Make most of your time in Uni, build a lifelong relat...

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Positives: I love how they use many case studies and the lecturers are engaging

Negatives: Little guidance and help

My advice to future students is: Go to lectures and study them well as they are important.

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Positives: They give me a lot of resources so that i can understand well about the subjects

Negatives: Most of them are theories so not sure about the real work practice

My advice to future students is: To have something that is practical as...

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Positives: Wealth of opportunities

Negatives: Theory only

My advice to future students is: Take as much extra curricular activities as possible

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Positives: Get to learn real world stuff that is beneficial in the future for the students

Negatives: Some core subjects in the course are not relevant to the major some students are taking, which could be difficult and demotivating

My advic...

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Positives: a lot of external help outside class hours are available, plenty of student organisations surrounding the major, renowned globally

Negatives: sometimes tutors and lecturers aren't as good and hence require a lot of self initiatives w...

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Positives: Prestigious

Negatives: Legit scam don't do it lmao

My advice to future students is: Don't look at a uni for prestige. Look at what you'll GET OUT of the course.

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