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University of Melbourne ratings

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The University of Melbourne

The University of Melbourne (Unimelb) is based in Parkville, the inner city of Melbourne. We often get comments about the beautiful main campus, in case you get a chance to attend an open day.

Melbourne University has simplified some of its undergraduate degrees compared to other universities. There are plenty of majors available via these courses (like Bachelor of Commerce, Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Arts, etc) and therefore, we have a lot of reviews for these areas.

Looking through the reviews of the uni by students, we often hear:
it's important for undergraduates to really try and get an idea of their major and choose it wisely;
attend lectures and tutes and participate to get the most out of the experience and to get a better mark;
keep up to date / don't fall behind;
Some recommend considering practical experience outside out uni.

Read through the reviews below to drill into further details.

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I like that the uni allows me to do a minor in economics but I don't like that I have to plan my course by myself

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I'd recommend others to look at different courses/institutions.

I'm doing a minor in economics as well. I don't understand; parts of the course are too difficult; no real help provided

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I'm doing a psychology major.

Positive: knowing ourselves, and help other people.
Negative: sometimes can be too overwhelming. Because we desperately need to cater to people

My advice to future students is: Make learning psychology fun and ...

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I did a media and communication major.
I thought the course had really interesting subjects and a good range of teachers (diverse experience). The job prospects after this course are pretty low considering the shrinking journalism market.

My ...

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Positively, it is a very flexible course with not a lot of contact hours (around 13 for first year). There area range of subjects available and breadth tracks allow you to study interesting subjects outside of your faculty.

Negatively, there i...

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Positive: living on Campus makes the whole uni experience so much better since I’m surrounded by likeminded people who are very friendly and interesting.

Negative: I struggle to think of anything negative

My advice to future students is: Liv...

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Positives: allows me to try a broad range of subjects whilst still not being certain on what I want to qualify in. I also love the enthusiasm and support from my lecturers and tutors

Negatives: because it’s so broad you inevitably have to comp...

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Positive: Very experienced lecturers/tutors, nice location, interesting content.
Negative: Difficult to use IT resources (online readings, turnitin, lecture recordings etc.)

My advice to future students is: Make an effort, because it will go a...

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The quality of the academics and the education I believe is at a very high standard.

The school is organised, the learning is accelerated and we are encouraged to work extremely hard to achieve high marks. The campus is beautiful and the "Melb...

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I love everything about the course, I just don't like the atmosphere or the people. I find it pretentious and cold. I also get worried I won't be able to find employment easily when it finishes

My advice to future students is: To join clubs and...

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