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Positives: The positives of my course were; the subjects were very interesting, many of the lecturers were very passionate about their subjects, the practicals and field work were fun and gave me new skills, the availability to study online was good and we were all given iPads.

Negatives: The negatives of my course were; I did not feel job ready after my course, it was heavily research focused, however I was wanting a more practical role after uni, there wasn’t much support to help with us finding a job and as a result I have not found employment in the particular field I wanted, I feel the lecturers could have given more support to individuals.

My advice to future students is: Talk to the lecturers and get to know them, if you are wanting a more practice role after uni, consider volunteering, don’t rely too much on the online learning, it is better to physically go to uni, be flexible and if something interests you then pursue it.

Completed in 2014

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An interesting course where the areas studied are broad and the work is easy enough to comprehend.

My advice to future students is: Chemistry at high school is a huge help.

Completing in 2020

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The positive is that a hands on type of course and you can immediately apply it to your career.

The negative aspect is that the examples of real life petroleum industry scenarios are very limited.

My advice to future students is: Ask the lectures about examples related with the petroleum industry.

Completed in 2013

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