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The University of Adelaide (aka Adelaide University) has one main campus in North Terrace, inner Adelaide.

We have a range of University of Adelaide reviews with Bachelor and Masters courses, across a range of topics including Arts, Law, Commerce, Science, Nursing, Engineering, Health and Education.

Based on the student reviews, some of the advice that we get about Adelaide Uni includes:
For some topics, make sure you apply for graduate jobs in or before your final year. It makes you prepare for the process in the real world;
Be organised and stay on top of your workload;
Try to get practical experience, like volunteering - it's good to draw on in interviews;
Make use of the library and don't skip lectures;
Get involved in Uni activities, utilise services, make friends and network.

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All lectures are recorded so it makes juggling work easier but they don’t always work because the workload is so intense it also makes it hard to work a lot outside of uni but also it’s two degrees done in 5 years.

My advice to future students is: Keep organised and stay on top of your work, ask questions straight away when you need help!

Completed in 2018

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Positives: The lecturers are all lovely and help with most aspects.

Negatives: It may be too much reading for some people

My advice to future students is: Take it seriously

Completing in 2022

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My arts major was Psychology.

Positives: There is a degree of criticism currently circulating regarding Law as a degree. However, I have found the analytical, critical thinking, oral and written skills it has given me to be invaluable. I would also strongly recommend doubling it with another degree, preferably something of a very different nature, in my case Psychology and my Arts minor subjects mostly consisted of Classics (the study of ancient Greece, Rome, Egypt etc.). Doubling the law degree provides a breather from legal subjects and also, in my opinion, makes you look a bit less ""cardboard"" on paper. I also obtained valuable perspective from completing Psychology which I have found invaluable in stakeholder management.

Negatives: This is more of a criticism of university in general, but seems to be especially prevalent in Law. Sometimes there can be a preoccupation with grades which can prevent students from engaging in some of the extracurricular options offered in a course, for example, not going on a Study trip due to impacting and ability to study for an exam etc. Students should make an effort to get the most out of the course, not just chase grades. Law is also very lacking in practical application, what you study does not bare much of a resemblance to what you actually end up doing, however, I do feel that the degree equips you well to learn whatever is required. No matter what job or environment you are thrust into, your skills obtained from law can be drawn on to help you thrive.

My advice to future students is: Maintain a strong work ethic but remember grades only get you to an interview. It is extracurricular experience and skill that will be what you need to draw on in an interview and it is also what is largely lacking throughout most degrees. As such take advantage of practical opportunities when they arise.

Completed in 2014

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