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University of Adelaide ratings

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More about the University of Adelaide

The University of Adelaide (aka Adelaide University) has one main campus in North Terrace, inner Adelaide.

We have a range of University of Adelaide reviews with Bachelor and Masters courses, across a range of topics including Arts, Law, Commerce, Science, Nursing, Engineering, Health and Education.

Based on the student reviews, some of the advice that we get about Adelaide Uni includes:
For some topics, make sure you apply for graduate jobs in or before your final year. It makes you prepare for the process in the real world;
Be organised and stay on top of your workload;
Try to get practical experience, like volunteering - it's good to draw on in interviews;
Make use of the library and don't skip lectures;
Get involved in Uni activities, utilise services, make friends and network.

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I find Uni.. Thoroughly enjoyed! My eyes have been opened to a lot of new things because of it

Positives: Covers a broad range of topics, so not boring! There's a wide variety of courses, the WiFi is fast, and the campus is beautiful. Excellent...

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Positives: A variety of electives from multiple disciplines to choose from.

Negatives: Cannot do double major like you can in B. ARTS. Considering arts advananced has students that have excelled in high school, i found that students and teacher...

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Positives: The courses engage well with new, interactive forms of media

Negatives: At times, the tutors do not engage with the students on a personal level and this is detrimental to the overall qualiyty of work

My advice to future students ...

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Positives: Broad area of study, multiple options to major in

Negatives: Some of it is extremely boring and dry content

My advice to future students is: Aim for higher results

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Positives: Small amount of contact hours, get to meet some nice people

Negatives: Lack of communication, poor organization and boring content

My advice to future students is: Never give up 😂

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Positives: I like that now I am a post grad student, we are learning a lot more of practical skills we can actually apply in the workforce

Negatives: I don’t like that the first three years of the bachelor was only theory related content

My ...

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Positives: Great support from teachers, filled with theory, real life aspects incorporated eg working on marketing strategy with real local business’

Negatives: Not enough marketing electives at Adelaide Uni - not much creativity and variance i...

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Positives: Large research scope, good workload

Negatives: Excessive group work

My advice to future students is: stay on top of readings

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Positives: The positive aspects of my course are; the ability to create a distinctive writing technique and improve upon past techniques, learning of particular media theories and how to apply them in a practical way, being able to engage with stu...

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Positives: You learn to write well, and apply your thinking critically. Another positive aspect is the amount of research skills that you develop.

Being able to digest large amounts of information is practiced, and rewarded in assessments


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