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The main campus of RMIT University is based in the heart of Melbourne's CBD.

We have a range of RMIT reviews across several topics including Art and Design, Business and Accounting, Engineering, IT and Software Engineering, Education and Nursing.

Common advice we hear from RMIT students in their reviews include:
Take up any extra activities whenever you can (particularly for Engineering & Design students);
Be prepared and committed to study;
Try to get ahead / do your pre-work and start things early;
Don't be afraid to access RMIT help services to get the most out of your course;
Find industry groups/meetups; they will help with your understanding of the industry & with your networking - try and get some volunteer work;
Look to resources beyond the standard textbooks. There are plenty of online resources (youtube) these days that can help you learn about new and interesting topics in your study area;
You need to find what subjects in your course interest you. Work hard in these areas and it will help you grow personally and help to understand your possible career path.

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Positive- lots of great connections for work experience, very hands on and interesting. Interactive and a lot of fun, always using different methods of teaching as well which kept the course fun.

Negative- heavy work load and would be a difficult course for someone who doesn't have much confidence or isn't a people person

Completed in 2018

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Positive is that we make films it is very hands on and productive

Negative is the amount of reading logs and quizzes that have to be completed each week

My advice to future students is: Get yourself familiar with Premiere Pro and a full on schedule

Completed in 2019

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Overall, I found the course to be very useful as everything is very hands on. Before I started Uni, I heard about it being about memorizing and regurgitating theories during the exams. But I find that to be false at RMIT. Because it's so hands on I feel I have a better idea on what I have to do once I get a job as well as the relevant skills required in the industry.

Completed in 2018

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Positives: Wide range of subjects and topics to choose from

Explore any area you enjoy

Can meet people with either same or different interests in communications / media

Be friend people from different countries

Negatives: Could possibly be too broad so hard to narrow down your career choice

My advice to future students is: Choose something you enjoy so you are more motivated to study and put extra time and effort into it

Make lots of friends and connections because anything in this field will need your social and networking skills!

But not only that, making friends you learn lots about them, where they come from, their experiences and create life long friendships (even if you are not close)

Completed in 2017

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Positives: - balance between theory & practical
- assignment based (no exams = good)
- only three years, not too many contact hours per week

Negatives: None come to mind

My advice to future students is: Choose specifically not generally if you can, I feel more set for life this way

Completing in 2021

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Overall, I found with Uni, learning on my own was more beneficial for me compared to the classes

Positives: networking. collaborating with course mates

Negatives: not the program outline i signed up for

My advice to future students is: start networking earlier and just hustle. because sometimes the uni doesn't fully guide you to find potential jobs

Completed in 2016

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I find Uni.. Fine but lack of skills

Positives: Overall it’s fine with the education aspect and I expect more from the lecturers that focus more on editing process

Negatives: Lack of updated cameras and equipment

My advice to future students is: Learn more from YouTube

Completed in 2019

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I find Uni.. Great!

Positives: The international experience

Negatives: Cultural difference

My advice to future students is: Be open minded, try new things and get out of your comfort zone

Completed in 2018

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I find Uni.. As a foreign student who always want to see more of the world but struggle in the level of general knowledge and language, not only survive in other countries, but also grow in 1 year, indicating that I have the ability to surpass what I dreamed, I can do to meet the challenges. Because of this experience, I now regularly stretch the comfort zone, which leads to a more incredible experience.

Positives: The impact of the media on society has quickly reversed in society. The influence of the media is related to other aspects, such as the nature of the communicator, the content / media information itself, and the community's response. In connection with this matter, this course gave me personal decision-making, participation in civic and cultural affairs, and the knowledge and communication processes required for economic productivity. Especially, modernization transforms media into features that can not be ignored in human activity.

Negatives: As an undergraduate students, one of the main challenge I face is how to balance school work, social life, and sleep.

My advice to future students is: In our generation, life is very complicated. Good education is not necessarily determine the key to success. Enrol to your preferred course. Don't wait for them to stimulate your interest; find out what's interesting about them. Start to work hard to achieve personal growth and understand your achievements.

Completed in 2019

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