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Positives: Creative learning

Negatives: Too many SJW's

My advice to future students is: Do engineering

Completing in 2022

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Positives: The positive aspects of the course are that you are able to pick from a really wide range of study areas. So you can do second majors and minors in all different creative and business areas that are totally different from your major. Eg. major - film and television, second major - interior design

Negatives: There are a few terrible core subject that feel like a waste of time as you don’t feel like you are learning anything. You are just forced to do group work about subjects that are not completely relevant to your study area

My advice to future students is: I would say to future students that it is a great course if you have multiple creative interests but you do not know what to do as a career.

Completed in 2018

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Positives: Some good lecturers, access to good resources on campus, good staff support if needed, clear course outlines

Negatives: Rubbish course content, mandatory core subjects that were irrelevant to the degree, no actual skills development, no actual learning, the course was NOT as advertised (it did NOT teach real-world skills like using publisher or similar).

My advice to future students is: Don't do that degree at QUT

Completed in 2017

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Positives: Learnt a variety of writing techniques/genres/styles. A lot of freedom to explore your own creativity.

Negatives: Clash of ideas during group work. But it’s inevitable in a creative course.

My advice to future students is: Choose your group mates wisely. Start assignments ASAP. Form your own peer-critique buddy system.

Completed in 2016

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Positives: studying the bachelor of creative industries gives you full autonomy over what sectors you want to study. you get to mix and match creative sectors that you excel at and you get to graduate having excelled in different areas. this means you get to do 2 majors or 1 major and 2 minors. The best part is that no matter what combination - the school is constantly backing you up on your decision to do this. they understand the complexity of creatives and they give you the tools and support to help you get the skills you need and also teach you skills to make you ready for the workforce. what more - they encourage out of school learning with internships and trips as part of the curriculum so you come out of university with experience to back your study.

Negatives: One negative aspect is that you have too many courses to choose from that you might not make the right choice at first go. You might end up feeling like you should study something else or that you have too much to take on. Also you might feel disheartened at some stage that you aren't doing a specialised degree compared to others in your field. But i believe that not all of us was meant to be a master of one - some of us are jacks of all trades and if you truly feel like you can excel in different fields than dont worry what others are doing. another negative aspect is that it might be really hard to keep a solid group of classmates because everyone almost always has a different mix of majors and minors.

My advice to future students is: My advice is to fully engage with material given - it prepares you for the real working world. Even if it may seem tedious or too much, these extra readings will make you more proficient and prolific in your career path. It will also encourage you to seek more knowledge in your own time that will help you build a portfolio you can then use when applying for jobs post grad.

Completed in 2017

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Positives: The course gives a realistic view of how the industry is, so they give you essential facts and information to be successful. They train you in essential skills that are necessary to succeed well in the industry.

Negatives: It’s difficult to specialise in what you want to become in the course as roles are very competitive. Thus, it disadvantages students to perfect their skills in their desired profession

My advice to future students is: To go into the course with an open mind and willing to get outside of your comfort zone.

Completed in 2019

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I majored in Film, Television and New Media.

Positives: Some of the positive aspects of my course include that it covers a wide range of different topics inside film and television. It allows you to explore the practical sides of the course, including using proper industry equipment, studios and software. It also alows you to understand the theory sides of things including genre, screenwriting, pre-production, budgeting and development.

Negatives: Alterations from the true industry, pressure to do certain things as opposed to other newer options, unnecessary assessments which don’t expand knowledge in the way the industry would utilise.

My advice to future students is: Become more organised and use time management wisely in order to manage projects. Watch and consume lots of film, television and new media content and keep up to date with the art form and the technology.

Completed in 2019

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Positives: You do get to make a film once.

Negatives: Irrelevant subjects, out of date tutors and lecturers, lack of hands on experience.

My advice to future students is: Get practical experience rather than studying in this field.

Completed in 2014

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I completed Bachelor of Design (Honours) in Interactive and Visual Design.

Positives: 1. Such a broad degree that you touch base on all the design industries available such as graphic design, tangible design, print design, web design and web development.
2. having a building that is dedicated to interactive and Visual Design students.
3. Being part of a community that is supportive and being able to attend different networking events around uni and Brisbane.

Negatives: Not all tutors are caring and wanting you to succeed, some just don't care if you fail or pass.

My advice to future students is: Be open minded about change and how you can achieve that, think outside of the box and challenge yourself when it comes to difficult briefs.

Completed in 2017

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Positives: Good support

Negatives: Very fast paced

My advice to future students is: Keep it cool

Completing in 2020

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