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I find Uni.. great

Positives: Making life long mates

Negatives: The cost

My advice to future students is: go into a course you want and are genuinely interested in

Completing in 2021

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Positives: The course was excellent at providing lots of learning opportunities, and the content from each semester flowed on nicely from the previous. The assignments allowed students to gain an understanding of the level of design and work that would be required in a real world workplace. Tutors and lecturers provided excellent support and feedback.

Negatives: The degree was extremely work-heavy, and there were many sleepless nights. It was not uncommon to be running off about 3-4 hours sleep per night for the entire semester. The standard of work that was expected in submissions was very high, so I would not recommend this degree if you are not passionate about architecture and design.

My advice to future students is: As the degree is primarily assignment based, with very few exams, I would say it is important to get started on the work as soon as it is given to you. Tutors expect to see the design progressing every week, and give very helpful feedback if you ask the right questions. Design can be quite subjective, so it is important to fully understand the tasks and criteria. Each submission requires an unscripted oral presentation in addition to technical drawings, so it is essential to know your proposed design inside-out when tutors ask you about it. Definitely take on board the feedback they give you throughout the semester, after all they are the ones who will be grading you at the end.

Completed in 2017

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Positive: Lecturers and Tutors are practising so we get real perspectives. Lots of good resources to refer to.
Negative: Assignments require a lot of resources (paper, art supplies etc) which contradicts what we're learning in Sustainability.

My advice to future students is: If the course is not for you, get out

Completing in 2021

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- There's a lot of freedom for you to invest in your own designs and creative liberty is very much encouraged
- Ability to choose a second major or two minors in second year
- Design assessments are very similar to those that an architect would see in professional practice

- Workload is quite large
- Materials need to complete assignments can be expensive

My advice to future students is: Make sure you have a big work space and money to spend on materials, and be prepared to invest all your time and effort into a single assignment, but enjoy the opportunity for real world experience in a very fun course

Completing in 2020

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