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Queensland University of Technology (QUT)

QUT is a university based in sunny Queensland with its two campuses based in Brisbane - Gardens Point and Kelvin Grove.

Many of the courses for QUT incorporate or encourage placements or work-integrated learning which despite some preparation and organisation, are overall a positive feature for students based on their reviews.

We have a range of reviews across different topics, including Business, Engineering, Arts Humanities & Law, Engineering, Health and Science.

Some of the advice we receive from QUT reviews includes:
Prepare for classes and manage your time well - plan out the semester;
Get involved in extra Uni activities, clubs, sporting groups, societies, networking events, etc - you can get practical skills as well as making friends;
Putting in the extra effort pays off - whether that's completing extra problems or getting involved in societies relevant to your field;
Always attend class - it's going to be much easier spending time learning in class than trying to catch up later;
Check out employment options and opportunities before you finish and try to get some experience while studying;
Use your time at Uni to ask as many questions to Lecturers as you can - they have so much knowledge to share beyond class;
If you've got a placement opportunity associated with your course, apply/organise it early;
Make friends with your cohort - study groups can prove really useful.

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I did a Creative Writing major.

The positive aspects of this degree are that you get a lot of free range to write about what ever you desire as the assignments aren't very strict. Another positive aspect would be that the tutors and lectures ha...

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I am doing a Creative Writing major.

Positive aspect: you learn a lot of new skills to help with your writing

Negative aspect: you don’t really get taught how to apply for a job in the writing and publishing industry

My advice to future ...

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I did a creative writing major.

Positive: encouraging educators, creative and flexible, prepares students for the industry
Negative: the assessment criteria can often be too flexible and therefore tutors sometimes end up being subjective


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I did a creative and professional writing major

I don't feel like I actually learnt anything through my degree and there were limited opportunities to find work outside of uni

My advice to future students is: Maybe take the course as a secon...

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Very engaged teachers, very good opportunities, great for bringing structure to one's work. Mileage seemed to vary based on individual motivation of students: could have been better 1 on 1 at setting post-grad expectations?

My advice to future ...

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The positive aspect is how supportive the staff is and how much knowledge they have.

The negative aspect is how much the course focused on one particular style of the art of writing - only briefly discussing non-"literary" genres

My advice ...

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I did this course and a Postgraduate diploma of education

Positive aspects - definitely the resources that are provided by QUT, they have amazing resources available to students which really allow you to fully experience your craft. They also p...

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Positives: Lots of practical work, amazing dance studios, nice small cohort of 26 people, teachers are really nice, all students are enthusiastic and good to be around, learn useful stuff

Negatives: Too many group assignments, class times are r...

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I majored in Film, Television and New Media.

Positives: Some of the positive aspects of my course include that it covers a wide range of different topics inside film and television. It allows you to explore the practical sides of the course, in...

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Positives: The course gives a realistic view of how the industry is, so they give you essential facts and information to be successful. They train you in essential skills that are necessary to succeed well in the industry.

Negatives: It’s diffi...

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