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Queensland University of Technology (QUT)

QUT is a university based in sunny Queensland with its two campuses based in Brisbane - Gardens Point and Kelvin Grove.

Many of the courses for QUT incorporate or encourage placements or work-integrated learning which despite some preparation and organisation, are overall a positive feature for students based on their reviews.

We have a range of reviews across different topics, including Business, Engineering, Arts Humanities & Law, Engineering, Health and Science.

Some of the advice we receive from QUT reviews includes:
Prepare for classes and manage your time well - plan out the semester;
Get involved in extra Uni activities, clubs, sporting groups, societies, networking events, etc - you can get practical skills as well as making friends;
Putting in the extra effort pays off - whether that's completing extra problems or getting involved in societies relevant to your field;
Always attend class - it's going to be much easier spending time learning in class than trying to catch up later;
Check out employment options and opportunities before you finish and try to get some experience while studying;
Use your time at Uni to ask as many questions to Lecturers as you can - they have so much knowledge to share beyond class;
If you've got a placement opportunity associated with your course, apply/organise it early;
Make friends with your cohort - study groups can prove really useful.

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I find Uni.. great

Positives: Making life long mates

Negatives: The cost

My advice to future students is: go into a course you want and are genuinely interested in

Completing in 2021

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I found Uni.. It got me my degree, which is what I needed. It would have been good to learn more skills that I could use in my job, instead of it simply being about a piece of paper.

Positives: The location is probably the best aspect to this uni. Being in the CBD you literally have every public transport option available to you (bus, train, ferry) as well as onsite parking. There are plenty of food, shopping and entertainment options within walking distance, or you can jump on the free loop service which stops right out the front of the campus. There is also a free campus shuttle so you can travel between Gardens Point and Kelvin Grove. The campus itself is really nice since their renovations, with lots of great facilities. There is a lot of support for students, at least in their business faculty. They provide free 1-1 tutoring where you can go and ask specific questions about anything that puzzles you. I also found that the tutors and lecturers were very willing to help their students. If you showed that you were trying, and putting in the effort, then they would go out of their way to help you.

Negatives: The IT degree needs to be completely redesigned. When I did my course it was a ""build your own degree"". You had 4x core units at the start and 4x at the end that you had to do, but then you picked all your units in between. There were no majors. What I was left with was a mis-mash of web design, development, and business analysis units that didn't really give me advance skills in any particular area. I imagine it would have also made it very difficult for hiring managers because every student graduated with a different skillset. In addition, it felt like the lecturers didn't have much 'real world' knowledge and weren't up to date with the latest technology and trends. IT is a very fast-paced industry, with technologies becoming obsolete in an average of 4 years. I imagine this is why full-time lecturers and tutors did it difficult to keep up.

My advice to future students is: Get involved in as any clubs and societies as possible. It seems like a lot of effort, but you will be thankful for it. And speak to your lecturers and tutors. Build a good reputation with them because you will no doubt need them at some point or another. Oh and if possible, look for job opportunities at the Uni. It looks great on your resume and they pay really well!

Completed in 2014

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Positives: Our faculty has good industrial exposure so we have really good and relevant examples of the same

Negatives: The course is not recognized by the Engineers of Australia so that is definitely a downside of the program

My advice to future students is: I would advice students to think about time management before applying. As the schedule is hectic it is difficult to manage a job and studies. I wish I knew this

Completed in 2019

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Positives: The course prepares students to analyse data using traditional data methods including Data Warehousing, Mining and Advanced Analytics. The course is intensive and prepares the students to face complex situational problems. There is help available from PhD students as well as mentors provided during the start of semester 1

Negatives: Too many assignments make it hard for student to focus on the various aspect of advanced analytics. Students are expected to learn everything themselves because even though this is a master's course, the lecturers think it's the best way learning. I.e by solving technical problems themselves.

My advice to future students is: Practice the coding languages taught on a day to day basis. The course provides the students to learn from a wide array of technical expertise, so make sure to pick one technology and stick to it. Understanding the fundamentals is key to success.

Completed in 2015

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Positives: The course provides students with real life problems as opposed to textbook problems. This course also provides access to more practical exercise and experience and allows students to gain a better understanding of the working world.

Negatives: The course offerings were sometimes out of date. Technology is emerging at a rapid speed it is hard for the university to keep up to pace. This made it a real challenge when picking a course offering during the start of the new semester.

My advice to future students is: Focus is key. Always put in that extra effort if you want to be a step further in the game. Go home and practice what you learnt at school.

Completed in 2012

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Positives: The positive aspects of studying pharmacy are that you are taught a tremendous amount of information and in the end are quite knowledgable on conditions and medications. Therefore are able to answer many health related questions people may have and recommend remedies for patients.

Negatives: The course in itself is very difficult. There is a lot to remember and learn. The content load is quite heavy and the assignments are mostly hurdle, meaning that even though you may have passed the unit already i.e have 50% of the whole unit, when going into the final exam you need to pass that exam in order to pass the whole unit.

My advice to future students is: Weigh up your options and only study pharmacy if you genuinely want to become a pharmacist. The field is highly saturated and it is very difficult to find a job. Ensure you dedicate time and effort in the course.

Completed in 2019

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Positives: Creative learning

Negatives: Too many SJW's

My advice to future students is: Do engineering

Completing in 2022

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Positives: Good support, strong online resources, interesting content and a fantastic community.

Negatives: Commuting the distance to work 4 days a week by public transport.

My advice to future students is: Attend your lectures no matter how tempted you are to stay home and take intuitively understood notes as much as you can.

Completing in 2021

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Positives: Tutor was helpful. Job prospects was good

Negatives: None

My advice to future students is: Study hard

Completed in 2017

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Positives: Learning how medications work, where do they work. Disease states and how they affect our daily life

Negatives: Its hard. Requires so much time

My advice to future students is: Study what you like, if you ever chose to study medicine or pharmacy or anything like that you need to have strong eager and you need to see the potential in yourself

Completed in 2019

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