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Positives: Practical, hands on, real world, well organised, great lecturers, interesting content

Negatives: difficult theory, hard work, long hours, lots of group work

My advice to future students is: It is a great course if you are mathemat...

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Positives: Networking

Negatives: Group assignments

My advice to future students is: Get as much work experience

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Positives: This course allows you to major in a variety of fields relevant to scientific research.

Provided hands on experience in wet lab techniques that are relevant and crucial for laboratory work in current workplaces.

Sound overviews ...

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Positives: The course provided a solid introduction to the teaching profession. It provided a combination of theory based learning, focused on contemporary pedagogical frameworks and related practices. The course also provided two opportunities fo...

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Positives: The course provides a great introduction to a foundation science degree. It offered ample flexibility to select from a range of units, that lends the student to a career in various fields involving science. The course affords students t...

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Positives: Very intense but also fruitful course, I gain a deeper understanding about education.

Negatives: NA

My advice to future students is: So use your 2years wisely. It is really short and you need to prepare yourself to be a future tea...

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Positives: You meet new people and tutors are here to help. Everyone is helpful on forums too.

Negatives: Some are really hard and need prerequisites such as coding knowledge. Some units are too advanced and need to be simplified.

My advice ...

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Positives: You get a good understanding of B&IT

Negatives: It's a tough course

My advice to future students is: Opt for this one

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Positives: there are a lot of pretty cool experiments each semester and It's easy to apply what you learn in class to your life eg. When I finished my immunology. Every time I get sick I can sort of figure out what's wrong with me and how can I re...

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Positives: This course provides you hands on experience in the field of internetworking security issues, exploring vulnerabilities and threats, finding their respective solutions.
As the world is being digitalized, it is necessarily needed to be...

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