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I am currently enrolled on the Master of Banking and Finance. It is a good 2 year course in which one can start with no prior knowledge of finance and end up with a decent understating of financial markets, financial math, derivatives, securities and finance in general. In my case, as I did a bit of finance before I got the opportunity to choose 8 electives (normally they are 4) and really tailor my education in the career path I want to pursue. That option is not very known so if you have a prior understanding of economics, statistics, accounting and business in general I highly recommend you to do the same thing.
If you are able to choose only 4 electives, choose wisely as it will really impact your career. The classrooms are really full (aprox. 100-200 students in some classes) but the teaching level is very good. Professors are approachable and they really try you to fully understand the topic. They are also very knowledgeable and normally have a very interesting background. I can fully recommend this Postgraduate Degree. Prices are a bit high but there is always the option of scholarships.

Completed in 2018

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I found this course had some good content and teachers. I found subjects were really practical in my future career in finance, while others (sometimes core subjects) were pretty pointless.

I think providing more practical elements would have helped in certain subjects - this would help students develop a solid portfolio of work after graduating. Opportunities to connect with employers were pretty low.

Teaching staff were knowledgable, however, sometime examples and projects used were a little old.

University life is good and it was good to be part of a large community.

Completed in 2009

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