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Positives: Freedom to learn and branch off into different areas of interests. Flexibility of classes in person and online

Negatives: Very fast paced

My advice to future students is: Study hard

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Positives: there is huge diversity of people in the course

Negatives: the people in classes do not engage with tutors very much

My advice to future students is: Use all the resources available and part take in as many clubs as you can

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Positives: Engaging course as you get to deal with patients personally, it is a good learning experience and opportunity to find the right channel to train myself and acquire the necessary knowledge to serve my community in the future as a healthc...

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Positives: Can learn accounting aspect more detail to work in the future

Negatives: It's hard and time consuming

My advice to future students is: Need to study regularly, make sure to understand the concept rather than memorize it

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Positives: It opens up a new perspective of businesses internationally

Negatives: There are not too much practical just theory

My advice to future students is: Find a lot of international news and businesses issues and relate it to the theory.

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Positives: Everything is postive

Negatives: Nothing

My advice to future students is: Come to monash

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Positives: Fun and engaging activities such as a lot of group work and presentation, study case and discussion

Negatives: Workload is hard and heavy (many presentation, quiz, word limit is around +/- 2000 words , readings is around 30+ pages/we...

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Positives: clinical attachment to reflect future workplace scenario, PBLs to cover and standardise syllabus, wide range of rotations through multiple specialties

Negatives: Health enhancement modules which takes some time

My advice to future...

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Positives: Prepares you for the actual working environment via clinical attachments which involve real patients, ethical and legal classes to provide a holistic approach, exposure to rural medicine, chance to meet various people from various backg...

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Positives: The material itself is indepth and have huge practical capabilities for working in the future. I would say that it equipped me to become better and more prepared for my future.

Negatives: The lecturers does not explain in deep knowle...

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