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Monash University ratings

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A little bit about Monash

Monash has several campuses in Melbourne (Victoria), including Clayton, Caulfield, Peninsula and Parkville as well as a campus in Malaysia.

Monash has a large range of courses across most disciplines and in 2016 had over 73,000 enrolments. It's most popular (highest attended) is Clayton campus.

We have a range of uni reviews from Monash across most of the topics, including Arts, Humanities and Law, Business Management and Commerce, Education, Engineering, Health, IT & Sciences.

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A great overall course for becoming a proficient and efficient doctor.

Unlike some other medical courses it focuses on preparing students to be great doctors not by theory but by practice.

You get a lot of hands on experience and you're taught by people who want to teach and grow medical education.

Completed in 2018

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Positives: Clinical exposure, simulated patients, experienced lecturers and tutors, extensive resources

Negatives: Unnecessary content at times

My advice to future students is: Focus on OSCEs in 3rd year, VIA in 4th year. Don't underestimate the weight of MED2000, will significantly impact Z score

Completed in 2017

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Positives: The concise and compact medical learning, often described as a lifelong learning, that was delivered in a comprehensible fashion with quality and well-equipped lecturers. Been future doctors, this course involved a lot of hands-on sessions which were sufficiently provided by Monash University. While the use of technology is undeniable, Monash University do provide a fair amount of hi-technology stuffs for the study of medicine. Attachments with hospital as well were interesting as it enables us to experience real time doctor-patient relationship and get down to the field for actual medical practices.

Negatives: Despite the course been concise and compact, the shortage of time was an issue especially when we often had to balance between completing assignments and study preparations for the exams. As both assessments contribute considerable marks to the final exam grade, it is ought to not neglect one for the sake of another. Furthermore, as compared to other medical universities which would spend a certain amount of time for one medical subject (for instance, six to eight months for anatomy alone), Monash University actually prefers the integration style where medical knowledge are not to be segregated. So, in a way, we would cover the ever broad knowledge of medicine on a superficial level and not much of in-depth knowledge as this would come later on during practice.

My advice to future students is: Medicine is a really interesting field, and everybody can be doctors! All that requires is the courage to take the first step and the discipline to march on. Also, you just need the heart to care for another, it feels great when you can make a change in one's life. Do not look into the financial aspects / profit that the field can offer, but instead ask yourself what can you offer to this amazing field.

Completed in 2018

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Positives: Prepares you for the actual working environment via clinical attachments which involve real patients, ethical and legal classes to provide a holistic approach, exposure to rural medicine, chance to meet various people from various backgrounds

Negatives: The travelling needed for some clinical attachment sites (too far)

My advice to future students is: Monash University offers a great MBBS course which equips you for your future undertakings and work, along with a holistic approach to medicine

Completed in 2015

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Positives: clinical attachment to reflect future workplace scenario, PBLs to cover and standardise syllabus, wide range of rotations through multiple specialties

Negatives: Health enhancement modules which takes some time

My advice to future students is: During your clinical years, try to make the most out of interacting and examining patients, this will reflect on your OSCE marks

Completed in 2015

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Positives: Engaging course as you get to deal with patients personally, it is a good learning experience and opportunity to find the right channel to train myself and acquire the necessary knowledge to serve my community in the future as a healthcare provider..
Also, the campus has good facilities like the library, internet resources, gym and others which had facilitated my study progress in the uni..
Thirdly, the lecturers are very approachable and friendly. This had helped my study period to progress smoothly and able to acquire the necessary help whenever i needed.
Lastly, hospital attachment that I had experienced from this course is an eye opening experience and a very good learning opportunity due to the hands-on experience and a very focused learning objectives have been imparted to us as student there

Negatives: Tiring assessment due to the workload and amount of topics required to be covered.. however, personally, I feel that this is necessary in this course as it teaches us the knowledge required to save lives in the future...
Thus this course requires various sacrifices like time and lots of effort in completing the assignment and studying the endless topics required to be covered

My advice to future students is: Take this course as a good learning opportunity..
Understand that the sacrifices made will bear its fruits in the future when working as a health care provider...
And cheerish the time studying as it will be a priceless and precious moment you will get with your friends before starting to work

Completed in 2017

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Positives: - highly interactive
- relevant knowledge
- up to date facilities and resources
- great assignments
- sense of connection and support in the cohort

Negatives: - time consuming
- challenging workload

My advice to future students is: - try your hardest in the course but also enjoy uni life
- make the most out of your learning. It will just help you and also your career
- help others and let them help you!

Completing in 2022

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